Monday, March 17, 2014

Studio A.'s Latest Project of Unusual Size

"The Finished Feast Begins"
"Rodent's Respite"

(Ta-da!!!! What do you think, y'all!? I am over-the-top-excited over this picture!! Ok, tell me, for real, what your first thought was when you saw it. I'd love to know.  I am so tickled with this ridiculous shoot. I've had this shot in my head for a while and was so thrilled when the opportunity presented itself. ;) Another thing has been crossed off my 'little-dream' list! ;) Much love to you all, and to Beatrix Potter! Don't forget to tell me what you think! Y'all have a fantastic day, alright? Love, Adeline, from Studio A. )


Leslie Roberts said...

Oh my! How did you ever get that shot?

Anonymous said...

wow! Amazing Adeline! I love your work. B. Potter would be proud.
Love you-Katie

Mrs.Rabe said...

It's beautiful! Is that a real rodent? It's cute too but….

You do amazing work Adeline!


Rora Valley said...

oh my word adeline!!!!! haha! I can't believe you really got this picture, soo funny! I remember you telling us your dreams to set up and take this picture. Hilarious and epic. :) miss you:) -Grace

Anonymous said...

I like it very much ! It's like a still life, the light is beautiful. If I were a painter, I would certainly trye to paint it. There is some mystery ambiance there. Is the mouse real ?

The Campana Family said...

Ah!I love it... its delightful Adeline!!!!

The lighting is magnificent. :)
I love it when something you picture in your head, becomes a picture!:D
You did a Fantastic job.

Miss and Love you.

Daisy Roberts said...

Artistically Disgusting ;)

Love it!

davis' said...

That is spectacular!! The lighting, oh my! Love you sis, Manda

Anonymous said...

Umm, is that a dead mouse?

GracefulMomto11 said...

Great picture! Looks like a scene from Tale of Despereax! (Book not the movie of course!)

the hardys said...

I thought the mouse was cute. And, the finished feast begins makes good sense with the rodent. I like the leftover beverage in the glass, the deep reds and reflected light set off with the neutral color of the green cloth. There - you have a long answer. :) I hope you are well, Adeline dear! ~JB