Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dorothy and Edwin's birthday!

Back in February (I know I'm a little behind in these birthday posts, LOL) our darling Dee and Precious Edwin-O shared another birthday together. What a joyful time for us to gather together as a family to celebrate the lives of two of our beloved siblings and children.
Dorothy Jeanine-"Gift of God-God is Gracious"Edwin Ogren "Rich Friend"
"A crowd had gathered to greet you!" ;)Sweet little Jonathan takes in the party...
Blowing out the candles! Edwin was our 11 child, and he was born on Dorothy's 11 birthday! How cool is that. :) So, Dorothy and Edwin has been enjoying double birthdays for 9 wonderful years now. Aren't they sweet together? Just love 'em so much!!
Edwin with one of his gifts...
Edwin asked as many as could to arrive in costume, so we tried to do our bit, LOL. As you can see, Martha and I arrived as slaves to Queen Dee, a charming colonial maiden. Here we are looking at pictures. Kress came as her delightful self! She's telling a funny story here. ;)
And here's some fine looking chaps!! Sam, John, Edwin and Paul.

Dee, we love you. A family could not ask for a more encouraging, sincere, joyful, selfless sister and daughter. We are so grateful to the Lord for you!! Your comforting cooking delights our whole family daily, and we are so blessed all your wonderful gardening, soap making, jewelry crafts, sewing and many other talents! Thanks for being one of my best friends in the whole world. Thank you for being an example to me of a God-glorifying, Christ loving and family supporting daughter. You inspire me everyday. God bless you. I love you.

Edwin! What a joy it is to watch you grow up, darlin'. You sense of humor always keeps me laughing, and I love to watch you out in the yard with a stick, fighting huge armies with incredible imagination and skill. :) Thanks for doing so much for your family-from helping Daddy in the garden, to taking out the trash for mama, to "plugging in" to a sister to help, you are a source of much joy and delight to us. I love you. May you continue to grow in the Lord and honor your parents! Happy birthday, dearest little brother friend!

God bless you both!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Happy Birthday to Dorothy and Edwin!

~Shiloh for the Strang Family

The Pendletons said...

Happy late birthday Dee and Edwin!!! :)
Lovely pictures, Addie.
Hope to see y'all really soon!
God bless.
In Christ and for His glory alone,

Roberts said...

Those are cute! Happy b-late birthday Darth and Edwin! (i know...i probably already told you that! :p)
Love ya'll!~Daisy

The Zimmerman Family said...

Happy birthday Dorothy and Edwin!

I suppose I'm delurking here just a bit, since I rarely comment. But I check back regularly for updates from the Smith and Morton Clans! : ) We're down in SC every year or so visiting my family, and it would be such fun to stop in one time to say hello! We've driven to Savannah from Charleston before, to meet the Weathers (not sure if you know them), and up to the NC/SC border for dinner with Peter and Kelly Bradrick. We'd love to meet some more of ya'll sometime! (We've already met Rachel, Bethany S, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Katie and Alan, at the film festival a few years ago.)

You know, I was just thinking ... it's a testament to ya'll's obvious hospitality that I don't feel presumptuous talking about stopping in on you sometime. : )

Blessings from the Tait Zimmermans to all of the Mortons!

P.S. Oh, and we've just started our own family blog at

WesLea And Company said...

I love that one of Edwin in costume!! That is one handsome fellow:) Miss you!

OurLilFullFam said...

Happy Birthday! What sweet words!