Monday, May 17, 2010

Ah, Thursday beautiful, so joyful!! After we enjoyed talking over a yummy breakfast, we kids got our assignments for the day, and everyone was excused; Dee & Noah set out to be together. (Grace acting as chaperon, with camera and zoom lens in hand!)
They went down to one of Dorothy's favorite spots in the woods, where there are these beautiful blooming trees and a creek, and they talked and talked. They were gone for hours, and when they came back down the lane, Dorothy had the most beautiful diamond on her finger!! We all hugged around, and cried and laughed in pure joy and wonderment!!! Phone calls and skype and emails went out to friends and family! Our two families were pretty much the only people who even knew there was anything brewing!! So it made the telling even more fun with the surprise factor. :) It is so precious to watch them together. Whenever you meet her eye from across the circle, it brings tears to your eyes to see hers sparkle so. Praise the Lord!!
(Sadly, I have no proposal pictures- those were on Abbi's camera) but here are some Celebration Dinner pictures!Our Two guests of Honor

The rest of the Sanders family drove down that evening, and we had BBQ in the front yard-what pure joy it was to have both families, all together to celebrate this wonderful event!!!
Mama serves the BBQ...
Miss Dorothy Morton....soon to be Mrs. Noah Sanders..."Bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies, and please bless the hands that prepared it. In Jesus' name, amen."The groom-to-be's spot...
Kress and Jonathan!!
Supper starts...
When sisters watch their brother grow in love...Mr. Critter Morton III
Daddy tells how he and Mama met...Aunt Wendi and Uncle Tim (I love the way that sounds!) kept us all laughing over their story...
Little William gets sleepy...William Cleveland
Here we are, all together, enjoying life together, looking forward to what's to come. Praising the Lord."

I set my pen down once more. The dusk has turned to darkness, and the sound of the rocking chair is getting fainter. I guess it's time to go to bed.

Something else I was thinking of. When you belong to Christ, your story never has to say "The End" Our love stories are wrapped up in His, and our love story last forever, and ever, and ever with Him in heaven.

That is beautiful. That is holy.


Gwyneth said...

What a beautiful account! When God writes romance, He does it in pure poetry.


Brittany said...

Oh my goodness! How sweet is this! It makes me smile and I am reminded of the not so long ago time of when it was myself and my darling man.
It brings joyful tears to my eyes to think of this new family that is starting. I am just so happy for the to new lovers and I pray that God will bless you both as you seek to do His will... and trust me...there is nothing sweeter than to marry the one whom God has willed for you!
Oh! I am just so happy!!!!!!!!
Love me,
Brittany Vawser

The Fam said...

Oh Addie,how beautifully you've written their story! It's such an honor to be able to call y'all "family" now and I look forward to what God has in store for us down the road.

Much love and missings,


P.S. I'm so gonna miss seeing everyone this weekend. I dub you the official photographer for the event to cover all the details. :-)

Jenifer said...

Dear Adeline,

Thank you so much for sharing the precious story. ♥ It brings tears to my eyes.

Loved all the pictures, what wonderful memories they are.

Oh, and I can just see the part where your momma had that twinkle in her eye telling them to say hello. Charles and I had a similar thing happen on the day our courtship began. :)

I will greatly miss getting to come up to GA this weekend. But I must be here for my hardworking hubby.

Soon I hope to be able to see you all again!

♥ Jenifer

Anonymous said...

As I write this tears are streaming down onto the keyboard. I have never read a more beautiful love story. I am so excited to get to know Dorothy more as my future granddaughter. She will be loved as much as all the other grandchildren. Noah, you have chosen a most beautiful young lady to be your wife and helpmate. Much love to you both.

Sami said...

Awww...Sweet!!!!! Love it!!! I'm SOOO happy for all yall!!!!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautifully precious.

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement!!! That is a beautiful story, written just,well, beautifully!! Congradgulations, Dorothy and Noah!!!!!
Kelsey R. aka The Baby Whisperer (from Agent Mimi)

OurLilFullFam said...

What a sweet story!

The picture of your brothers cracks me up, and the couple holding hands from the wheel chair is so wonderful!


Emily Rachael said...

You're very right, Addie!
That IS beautiful and holy.
Congratulations to Dorothy and Noah!
E. Stone :)