Monday, May 17, 2010

On Wednesday, those of us who could, went down to MacClay Gardens in Tallahassee-it was absolutely gorgeous, and the perfect place to walk, talk and take pictures. While we were there we saw two or three photographers there with clients. Hey, who needs clients to photograph when there are family members to take pics of? Just kidding. Clients are awesome. :)
Mum-wua, looking like a painting, chats with the lovely girlies.Stopping for a moment.
Almost every spot was perfect for a picture.
We kids sat around in the grass and learned how to make grass whistles and played a hilarious animal impersonating game. (nothing better than my brilliant elephant debut. ;) and our grass whistle chorus sounded like a flock of angry pea fowl! We had a ball.Mama darling through the moss...
Here's my precious dragonfly picture! I tried so long to get one. I wanted a green one to land on my pink skirt, but, alas, it never obliged me. But the blue one is amazing! I think they're so pretty. They're one of Dee's favorite emblems. So it was neat that they were everywhere.
While Dee & Noah talked under this beautiful oak, we all played in this other huge one nearby. Here's dear Stead-Stir up top. The only bad thing was that poison ivy was everywhere. We discovered that afterwards....Oh, well. :)
Abigail Rose
Samuel QuentinMy newest favorite picture of Mom!
Martha rests on a limb...
MamaAndrew Tully
"Smile, honey!"Sam and 'de oak!John and his awesome hat...What five sisters do to pass the time...
Bekah in Hallway
Going into the secret garden...Inside.....
Walking along....
And still walking along...I almost started crying as I watched this older couple walk, so precious. So faithful.
Through the leaves...
Jeanine Dorothy
Dorothy Jeanine and Noah Edwin

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Impression Sunrise said...

Dearest Adeline~
Your post was beautiful!! It was so touching, and I read every bit! All the pictures are so lovely, and many congratulations to the new couple :-)
God Bless your precious family,
Love Tayla M.