Thursday, December 23, 2010

Children are a Blessing from the Lord

Noah and Dorothy are expecting a baby in mid July!!!!! We're very excited!!!!!

Praise the Lord-He is so good!

Andrew and Adeline

P.S. I, Auntie Adeline, hereby post my offical guess as to Little Sanders:

A girl! :) With Dee's face and Noah's cury red hair. With blue eyes from them both. :D I just love it already and can hardly wait to hold It!!

I think it is a boy-Andrew

8 lb girl-Uncle Paul


The Pendletons said...

Congratulations!!!! Praise the Lord! I will be sure to keep Dee and the little one in my prayers. :)
Love you Dorothy!
Congratulations to all the Mortons and Sanders!!!
Christ be with you,

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Congratulations! :)

~Shiloh for the Strang Family

Livvy said...

AH! YAY!!! Praise the Lord!! We are so excited for y'all!! ^_^
Love to all the Morton/Sanders from the Powers family!

With much love,

Mrs.Rabe said...


I say girl too! Dear Esther needs a girlie cousin!

Happiness all around!

Brittany said...

OH I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!! I have been waiting for this post since they got married! Oh how happy I am! I will be praying for a safe and happy pregnancy! Oh I am so happy for them! Please give your dear sister a hug from me!
Oh I can't wait!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!
Love me,

Anonymous said...

Quelle bonne nouvelle!!!

Joyeux Noel au clan Morton.

Que Dieu vous bénisse.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! It is always such a blessing to see godly parents bring little ones into the world to raise for His glory.
I pray all will go well with the pregnancy and delivery.


K and J Bolton said...

Ohhh Congratulations!! that is very exciting, im alittle bit jealous though ;) good luck to you both from the Boltons!

Davis Family said...

Awww.....we're so excited!!! God is so good!!!! We miss y'all!!!

The Zimmerman Family said...

So exciting! She's due about 6 weeks after we are! We're so happy for them!!! And I think that curly red-headed girl is a pretty good idea. : )