Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Right before the evening's messages began, I spot the dear C.'s and Mimi and I shoot each other shooting each other. :)
(Nick looks like he's on trial here)

Scott Brown spoke, as well as Joel Beekey.

Their messages were especially inspiring.
It was so precious to see all the mommies with their babies! Here's Kelly B. and Katie B., holding their sweet munchies.
Here's Mr. Paul Washer speaking, the next day.
Visiting during break.
Daisy and Marfa' Ann being the joys that they are...Sweet friends and faithful photographers, Emily and Lauren...I love your smiles!
Baby holding is pure delight! There were so many little babies there is made me miss my nieces and nephews so bad.
I just love this. :)
We had lunch at a gas station's subway :) with the Campanas and Roberts-what a fun combination! Here's Mimi and Paul.
Some of us, before the R.'s arrived...
Our crowd behind the Pepsi sign.
Delightful, organized chaos :D
Love these two...
LOL-Marty hon, that's talent...
Samuel looking Darcyish through the throng.#1-"Consuming Chip"

I just love eating shots. :) Almost every picture from this lunch is the following, LOL.
# 2
And #4.
Gray was so sweet and bought some candy for everybody.

Here he is, auctioning each piece off. The child doubled his money.

(:D Just teasing, he was a dear cake and gave it away to the masses)
Some of the most precious girls in the world to me!
Back at the conference, Mr. Doug speaks about the para church paradox.

Coming soon, Part the Second.


Kate said...

It was so good to meet you and Martha there! I loved seeing all your photos!

Ruth Barton said...

Nice Post Adeline! I was so wonderful to finally meet your family! I had such fun fellowshipping and playing volleyball with the boys, wish you girls had been able to join in! Can't wait to see part the Second!

The Campana Family said...

I love all the pictures, Especially the ones at the gas station aka "the Redneck ski lodge"! lol

The Campanas

Anonymous said...

Wish we could have gone to the conference but there was too much going on here. We are looking at the one in March in NC sponsored by Kevin Swanson. Mr. Phillips, Mr. Brown and several others are supposed to be speaking. If your family is going, maybe we will get a chance to meet.
Have a merry Christmas.