Friday, December 3, 2010

Eggs, Mini Bowling, A Frog and Cookies

Good evening, my dears!!
I do hope you are well.
Indeed, here is a tiny post, with all of the above: the first, Eggs, is for the below phenomenon:

Ta~da! A goose egg, and then two chicken eggs, all different colors and sizes-we had a blast gathered around the island and observing this unusual trio. Above is Paul, holding the day's find. How cool is that? :) I was thoroughly tickled.
Aren't they cute? (I know that is just what you would expect me to say-hehe!)
And as for the bowling I spoke of-this new and ingenious method should become an olympic sport. 'Tis delightfully entertaining. And aren't my guys CUTE!? Look at 'em all, lined up. I tried it too. Am afraid I missed it, though.
The racers are released...
Checking to see who the winner is! I love my boys.
Oh, and the frog. Here he is. I am naming him-Golliope, perhaps? Does that fit him? Any suggestions?
But isn't he beautiful...Our God is an amazing Creator! Look at his feetsies...
Ah, yes, and here are the 'tooties! Look-see, they're coffee and chocolate! With powdered sugar coating their alternately crunchy, soft chewiness-ah...
They are so good their likeness must be posted in the annals of Morton.
Created by the fair paws of Mistress Kressanties Mortonanio, and brought over one sunny afternoon for tea. They lasted yea, only a few fleeting moments.
This likeness is all that remains.
Farewell, yon readerlings. Mayest the morrow be to thee a joyous one as ye serve the One who gavest Thou true joy.
Affectionatly yours,
Adeline Gracia


K and J Bolton said...

It was so nice meeting Mr. And Mrs. Morton at the conference this weekend. We hope to meet the rest of the family, the Whiddons have told us so much about yall. Ill be checking into those Salere/Longhorn cows too!
Kelsey Bolton

Michael said...

Hey Y'all,

Came across this website and I thought Cleveland would like it. Lost his email, so ....

In Christ,
Michael T