Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love the Church -Part One

What an incredible conference! The Lord is so good to give us times like this. Like I said before, this was probably the best conference I've ever been to-'twas just wonderful.

Here's the first part of a pile of pictures...enjoy, and have a stunning evening!! (The Davis are coming over for supper tonight!! I can hardly wait...) Oh, and the weather is so pretty today it almost makes me cry. I know that might seem silly, but when "park on the piano" is playing, and you look out the window and there's blue sky and white clouds rolling across it's vastness, with gray clouds in the distance, coming up to shower you in a while, to make the fire in the fireplace seem cozier, you would be blissful too...our Abba Father makes beautiful days!

Oh-good grief-here's something else that's so beautiful I gaped at it for a while-the heels may be a bit high, but the mixture of suede and the ribbon bring this heart to heights of shoe delight. (I wear 9 1/2, you thoughtful soul ;)
Anyway, aren't they beau-ti-ful!?

Alrighty, here is Part The First!
On our way. Few things are more wonderful then driving in the mountains...
Mover dear starts a great book...
And we get a little bored in the car. Paul, Marth and I (our family split into two different cars-we missed riding together, but enjoyed the room. The sub is just too small to fit us and all our junk in. :) Anyway, we had contest on who could arrange those awesome GI Joes into the most compelling arrangement.
Me and Paul with our toys. :)
Marth and Paul with the same.
Dearest Par-par driving us! Love your hat, Daddy...

We arrived in Asheville Wednesday night, checked in and got settled, and had pizzas in our room with the darling Campanies!! I just love them to pieces... We stuffed ourselves (the pizza boxes doubled as seconds, baby!) and had a blast discussing Biltmore and other things. :)

The next morning, we slept in and everybody went to various places around the campus, 'cept Marth and I, who ended up having the most precious time being together, talking, praying and eating breakfast in our pajamas and taking as long as we liked with everything! :) Charming.
Breakfast Shot. I think we should start wearing our hair like that.
Breakfast. Chunk 'O Nanner Bread. (Marth had pre-made lots of it, and it was so quick, easy and economical for breakfast) Later, it was downstairs to register...It's so exciting when you see familiar faces!
Darling Steadstir observing the crowds.
Mama, Marth and I had the most relaxing, wonderful lunch together and walk around the beautiful campus. I'm so blessed in them.
One of the neatest things were these gorgeous fireplaces that were everywhere in the lobbies and seating rooms.
Campana and Morton ladies make off to a wonderful place to get kettle corn, :) and then to goodwill!
We joined the very hospitable Sheats family and others up at the fire ring for some marsh mellows and fun that evening before the first keynote message. Sam is seen above.

The view from up there was beautiful, and the company fabulous!
Cleve, Marth and me.
Sisters Two

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Rora Valley said...

LOL! Adeline- I love the "breakfast shot" of you and Marth! I love y'all! The conference looks like tons of fun. Can't wait to see ya at the ball! Ta Ta! Grace :)