Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Afternoon I spent as Shepherdess

The sky is breathtaking. The afternoon sun is making everything look golden. I love afternoon sun...I am here, down in the middle of a field. The members of a small herd of sheep are scattered here and there around me.

I've been dropped off (we were all on our way to town) here in the field, to guard a new mama ewe and her two new lambies...(when we saw them, they were surrounded by these horrible black vultures, who have taken to attacking live baby animals around here-it is just awful-I'm here to shoo them off) Anyway, I'm having such a lovely time!!! Making a small encampment around me are my camera bag, book bag, shotgun and Wonder Purse.
And a small pillow thoughtfully tossed from the car.

Except nourishment, water, and sweet human company, I do think I could survive out here forever with all the contents of my numerous bags, filled with all sorts of luscious things...

The little field birds, who are all around, are flittering and chirping...It's so incredible to be in the middle of complete quiet, except the sound of a sheep's hoof walking through the grass-then, it stops, and you hear nibbling. Another step or two. I can even hear the sound of a buzzard's wings as he flies way over there beside that tree line. The brown, dead grass is soft. A perfect breeze is blowing.

*deep, contented sigh...*
This ram was not exactly happy I was there, at first. But he's just all bluff. Poor thing must have had a rough childhood.
I had such a blast-with all my junk out there, I pieced together some stuff and had a regular photo shoot! :) I got to stop and play around with the settings, which was fun...
Aren't they adorable?
A self portrait, along with the book I'm reading (absolutely amazing, by the way-not perfect, but incredible!) and the shotgun and it's ammo. (Don't ask me why that huge gilded mirror was in my purse. I have an enchanting little black one in there, too. And pretty much everything else, 'cept running water...) Anyway, I thought it made for an interesting addition to the picture.
Another moi shot. Mirrors are just too much fun!
Notice Faithful Nikon's house, to the right. Poor bag has been under earth, on top of it, and all around. The classy Nikon emblem on the front door fell off, and ever since, it has been the unknown yet treasured bag in-which-holds-a-dearest-possession, ever protecting and reliable in Camera's times of danger and peril...
And rings are such a blast to take pictures of. They invite artsy-ness and creativity, along with a great desire for a shallow depth of field. Am afraid I did not oblige as well as I should have. Anyway, here's my birthday ring (I just love it so!) from my sweet Daddy and Mama, with 'ze mirror and my bookage...
And, then, my favorite of the afternoon:

Mirror, Ring and Book.

And what is soo, so exciting about this picture to me, is that:
It is 100 % unedited!! :) (And the girl rejoiced greatly...)

I know-rather silly-but, for this amateur, just venturing forth from the safety of the auto setting, this is great triumph! :D
Not a very cordial bunch, over there gossiping...
I was crawling around with the camera trying to get closer to the new lambs, and this bird landed in front of me-isn't it amazing how God makes the animals blend so well into their surroundings?Those curious little piles one finds one's self in when crawling around one's pasture.
Stripes, with the trees and sky!!
I love cotton yarn. In one of the most wonderful colors, too...
Then, who comes tramping down the lane with a note? Two of the sweetest, cutest little baby boys ever...their Aunt Poog is completely smitten...

LOL, their cheesy little camera grins make me laugh...
Michael III and Carlos
"Well, you see-I was trying to go over th-"
"Now, Carloie-let me explain everything..."
And here's my very favorite!! I just love them to pieces. I am so blessed in my Auntie-hood... They're all pretty much THE cutest children I know of! Nearly EDIBLE!
And then, it was for home...What a quiet, glorious afternoon-with an extremely cute ending! We took the long way home, and passed by the chickens...

"Can I take this go-o-o-o-se feather home?" as we passed...

~Aunt Poog/Addie/Pretend Shepherdess/Aspiring Photographer/Grateful Daughter/Adeline Grace, with much love


Amy B. said...

Hello, Adeline!

What lovely photos- I especially like the ones of Michael and Carlos!

The ones with your ring are gorgeous- good job with the experimentation :) Love the vintage tint...

What book are you reading?

Have a blessed day!

The Campana Family said...

Hey Addie,
Oh, Looks like you had fun!
I miss you soo terribly, and this post made me miss you even more!
The Pictures of Mikey and Carlos are adorable.
And I love the one of the bird.

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

What a unique way to spend an afternoon. I'm sure mama and baby sheep appreciated it!


Anonymous said...

P.S. I forgot to pass along information from the upcoming Mother/Daughter conference I had written to you about a few weeks ago. If you register by Feb. 11, you will receive a free CD (of your choice) from either Stacy McDonald or her daughter Tiffany. You can register or get more information at www.sechristianhomediscipleshipfamilies.blogspot.com. Maybe I'll see you there!


Mrs.Rabe said...

That makes for an interesting afternoon!

Love your ring. Beautiful. What a precious gift.

What book is it that you are reading?

Davis Family said...

Oh I love quiet, peaceful moments out in the sun! It reminds me of how unique and beautiful God's creation really is!!! I'm usually interrupted the same way with my peaceful moments...my little brothers are such joys! I love them to pieces! I often think about how boring my family's life would be without them!LOL:)We miss y'all sooo much!!!