Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Polls Opened!!

*read in a 1940's radio dj voice*

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a.....!!!

Well, that is the question of the hour-is Michael Jr. and Kressant's 4th little precious one a boy or a girl?
Dear people, in only a very short time, we will know whether or not this couple will enter the world of frills, giggles, pink socks and tender emotion,
stay in the happy corral of all things blue, laughing, jumping and hilariously entertaining life of an all boy collection of progeny.

This Thursday, people, is the day we will all know.

The polls are opened. Cast your vote, and, if you are among the winners, your resume on baby gender guessing will improve, your names will be featured on this station, and you will have the pleasure of mumbling the much endeared phrase to yourself, "I knew it."

Guesses as of this moment are the following:
Samuel Morton-Boy
Jeanine Morton-Girl - an official Grand Mother guess!!
Martha Morton-Girl
Adeline Morton-Boy
John Morton-Girl
Edwin Morton-Boy
Paul Morton-Girl
Cleveland Morton-Boy
Katie Smith-Girl
Sarah K.-Girl
Daisy R.-Girl
Angela H.-Boy
Campbell R.-Girl
Michael Morton III-Boy - a biggest brother guess
Bret Smith III-Boy
Ronald Smith-Boy
And, last, but certainly not least, the mother of the child, Kressant Morton, believes she is expecting a boy.

Tune in on Thursday, February 17th, for more on this story."

*radio fuzz, crackling, then, silence.*
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Dana said...

Girl...4th time is a charm right?

Either way I am sure they are over the moon excited, anticipating the arrival of the newest sweet snuggly little bundle of joy. Best Wishes and Congratulations to them!!


Davis Family said...

Okay, I really think it would be so much fun for Esther to actually have a girl cousin, so I think Kressant will have a girl!!! I can't wait to hear!!!
Alex D.

Campana Family said...

We are so excited!!!
Cant wait to see the new little one!
Miss ya'll...And now for our Votes!





Aunt Lisa:Girl



Blessings to ya'll!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am going to guess girl - only because I too think that Esther needs a girlie cousin!

Can't wait to hear!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...



Joanna Kristina said...

Let's see, I guess a boy! I do so wish to list both genders, but I'll be fair and say a boy again! ; )
~Joanna DeHond

Turtleheart said...

Oh, thank goodness, I really need to polish my baby-gender-guessing resume!

Actually, I had asked my mom if she knew any girl bloggerellas near my own age and she sent me your way. And you know what? After reading a few (million) pages back, I have to say I think you're rather charming!

And I'm gonna guess...girl. Because I think having three big brothers like that would be a blessing :)

Sami said...

I bet it is gonna be a big fat little boy!

I so cant wait yall!!! How fun!!
Is it due on Thursday or are thy going to go and see what it is?

Miss yall tons!!

Amy B. said...

Oh, yay! So excited for them!!!

I am hoping for Kressant's sake that the baby is a girl!

Anonymous said...

GIRL!!! - Ashley

Anonymous said...

GIRL!!! -Ashley

Cochran Family said...

This is SO exciting!!! Congratulations!!! I think it's a girl. :)

Give my love to Kressant and we'll be praying all goes well!

Much love,
Savannah (for the rest of the Cochran's)

P.S. That is such a great family picture! :)

Anonymous said...

Many prayers for a safe labor and delivery. I vote for a healthy and happy baby.

Anonymous said...

Mom needs a girl to help with all the cooking those boys will do when they reach those teenage years.:)


Anonymous said...

Kathy S.- Girl
Sending love and prayers to Michael and Kressant from the Smith Family.

Johnsonblogs said...

Christopher - girl
Kathy - boy

Ruth Barton said...

Hey all!
Congratulations on another grandbaby/niece/nephew!
Maybe, just maybe we'll be down to see you, and it very soon! :)
Miss you,
Our guesses:
Ruth- boy (but I hope it is a girl)
Amanda- girl

Kat said...

Girl for sure!
Miss you all!