Friday, February 4, 2011

Love the Church, Part Two (final installment)

Hello, dearest Observer!!

How are you today? :)

And-I know this is horribly untimely-but, here is Part Two of our trip up to North Carolina back in December. What an incredible time! Here is part one of our trip.

OK, here goes, loveies:
One night while we were there, (don't remember what day it was now) several families met around one of the many fireplaces and sang Christmas carols and was one of the most delightful evenings from the whole weekend, I think!
Everyone enjoyed listening to Cleveland and Joe M.'s music-it was truly beautiful!
Martha and I with some of the precious young ladies that we were blessed to visit with. (Lauren H. is taking the picture...)
And now it's her turn to be in it! :) God bless you, girls!
The Twins!! (It is so much fun to have dear friends at conferences with you-you wave wildly across the hall and then meet and exchange funny stories, who you just met "that was just so sweet and did you see that girl's gorgeous skirt, and, gracious that speaker is so good, and all those little children over there were like, this high when I saw them last!...")
The dear Kendall family blessed us all with their beautiful music in the evenings...praise God for such a collection of lovely voices...
Hehe, this child was just adorable. It's so sweet to see daddies and their little boys...
Little Mr. B. watches himself on the big screen. Don't you know those things must seem ginormous to little people?
One night, the sweet D. family had us and the Kendalls over to their room for a wonderful evening of fellowship and supper-and we got to talking so much,I forgot about pictures 'till the last minute, so I grabbed the cam and got who ever was still- ;) Here's one of Mrs. D. and S....
...And Christiana and Lisa...

(alas, for a group picture.) We enjoyed it so much, y'all!
I have THE sweetest Mama and Daddy ever...they were laughing about something in the front seat and I got this...


Anonymous said...

That's adorable!

Breezy said...

Thank you for posting these pictures—they bring back such happy memories. And they're also helping me piece together who every one is that I didn't get to meet (but maybe next time!).

I hope you all are doing well!

Persuaded said...

Longtime lurker here, hope you don't mind me jumping in with a comment☺

I am so interested to see photos from this conference as it was one I particularly wanted to attend myself. It looks like such a wonderful gathering... and with some really great teaching too! Thanks so much for sharing, girls♥