Friday, February 4, 2011

I see Roberts, Mortons and Campanas!
Mr. Fritz, Edgar and Willie-It's such a blessing watching fathers speak to their sons...
Daddy speaking with Mr. Scott Brown.
We are always encouraged by the messages we hear.
It was so pleasant to have such beautiful piano music during breaks...
Lunch with the wonderful F. and W. families!

Girls, we enjoyed our time with y'all so much...
This picture makes me laugh...we were all fascinated by this conveyor belt. I think the man behind the wall thought is was funny, too...Saying hey to the Campanas during break...
Oh, my.
Marth and I look rather dull or mildly insane in either one of these two pictures, so I thought it fitting to post both for a rounded image. :D
Oh goodness. It's so much fun having Marth as a sister, to be serious/nutty/happy with!
More on the odd side of a photograph.
This is me and Andrew's huddle-for-a-sec-with-family/friends-look. :)
One of my favorite pictures ever of an incredible brother and sister!! A great crowd shot of Edgar...excellent scarf! (love the mustached gentleman to the right. He looks like he came out of a western movie...)

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