Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alan's Girls

Here she is, y'all!!! Little Anna Grace with her Mama and big sister!

Oh, y'all, isn't she a cutie pie!!? Check out those cheeks!! Sooo perfect for lots 'o 'tisses! (She looks like a little bunny in this picture. :D )

Awww, I love her so! She and her Mama and family are doing wonderful and she's eating good and is just so darling! Three cheers for Katie dear!!
Anna is a fluffy Munchie at 7 lbs and 12 oz--hehe, just the perfect holding size. :D

Dear Father, please bless little Anna Grace, and help her to seek You early. Thank you for her life. In Jesus name, amen...

Lots of love,

Aunt Poog


The Campana Family said...

Praise the Lord,we are so excited!!!!
Can't wait to meet her.

Love you all soo much!

The Campanas

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. Your family must be so thrilled. Thanks for sharing a picture of this cutie pie and the other ladies in her family.


Mrs.Rabe said...


Deanna for us all....

Baleboosteh said...

Oh, so precious! Many congratulations to Alan and Katie and all your family. Children are indeed such a wonderful blessing from the Lord.
With love from
Rob and Michelle

Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture! New mommies are beautiful:). Praise the Lord for the blessing of children!

Cochran Family said...

Congratulations - how exciting!!! :)

Katie looks so good and Anna is so precious. How could I leave Esther out though - she is getting so big and is adorable too!

Please give my love and congratulations to Alan, Katie, and all!!

Rejoicing with you...
Savannah (for all the rest! :)

Joel, Jes and the rest said...

Wish we could see her in person. She is a darling! Congratulations to Alan and Katie! Much love from the Decker family. :)

Rozenn' said...

Trop mignon !

Félicitations et que Dieu les bénisse.


The McArthur Family said...

Three lovely ladies!
So beautiful!