Monday, October 10, 2011

Good morning, dearest Observers!

How are you? Oh, I've missed you! And writing on this poor old blog. :D I was so full of thoughts this morning and joy and so many beautiful things that I had to sit and write something down!!
So. How are you? ! Isn't our Lord Jesus good? He is. All the time. And He is so, so gracious to bless us with beautiful Autumn days, the brightest blue skies, with sweet smelling breezes...With a precious wife for our big brother (who comes from the sweetest family, too!) A girl who loves Jesus.
He blesses us with families that you love so much, you and all your people think about them everyday and miss them when they have to move away to another country. It's like good medicine to hear their voice over the phone or hear them laugh. You really miss those laughs.

He blesses us with grand babies who live next door who are fluffy and don't mind getting kissed a million times on their little cheek!
.....With an outbreak of loathsome house flies that teach you patience.
.....With big sisters who live hours away who talk to you on the phone while you both work and you laugh allot and feel so much better because of talking to her.

Oh, and for beautiful music. A waltz that makes you dance around your house or a piece that's so moving it makes you want to cry! Deep cellos, an oboe that makes you close your eyes and sigh with joy, and violins that sound like happy birds!
For a harvest of sweet potatoes that are a beautiful orange color, and for an awesome little sister in the kitchen canning them.

He is a good God. Can I ever praise Him enough? No, I cannot...He is worthy of all I can ever give, though...

Oh, gracious-there are so many special and amazing things to post on!! I am quite behind, so, I'm playing catch up. Going back to August. ;) More posts to come!

A happy day to you, dear reader!

Much cordiality,

Adeline Grace Morton

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Anonymous said...

I've missed your sweet posts and am so glad to see you are back at it. I think life must be so busy for you all right now but am glad you are taking out some time to update your devoted readers.



The McArthur Family said...

The McArthur Family always enjoys your wonderful posts, dear Adeline! Thank you for sharing! We join you in giving praise to God for who He is and for His many blessings! You are loved!
Mrs. Beth

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back Adeline:) you all have such a lovely blog!

Mrs.Rabe said...


How wonderful to see you update the blog and hear your sweet heart. Praising the Lord with you for all the blessings...

Deanna for us all...