Monday, October 10, 2011

The Lady that Came from Africa

For the month of August, our family had the great joy and honor of having an amazing young woman from Africa come and live with us.

She blessed and continues to bless our family in so, so many ways-she has forever impacted us with her love for Christ Jesus, her joy, and her dedication to following Him with all that she is. We are so grateful to God for the opportunity to be with this incredible sister in Christ!
We love you so, N., and miss you so very much!! Thank you, from the bottom of our full hearts, dearest sister!! We're still humming Safa Saphel' Isizwe and dancing with Wally Bear and breaking ice and doin' bread and listening to Daddy dear read God's Word!! And eating! And killin flies. In proper red neck fashion. :D

And it has gotten cool! Really cold in the mornings. I wish I could show you the flowers that are blooming in the fields...they are beautiful. We miss and love you so!!
Sisters"I would like a wa-ter, please ma'am!" :DThe little tea (or coffee) Katie gave for her before she left.Some of the girlies! And poor Wally Bear. Woefully outnumbered.
At Chick'fil A for the first time.
Trips to town with lots of girls crammed into a suburban...
Making bread together...
Laughing together......and our last picture together, after laughing very, very hard. And then we cried after she left. She has blessed us.
And, here is a picture of your little buddy, just for you! This picture makes me smile!!
I'm sure he's thinkin' as we are-just missing you. And praying for you. And love you, so very much!!

Chomps (and hugs!) to you from across the ocean!

Love always,



The McArthur Family said...

Adeline, I so enjoyed getting to visit with N. at church. She really blessed me. Mrs. Beth

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful getting to meet N.! She was such an encouragement to me...
love ya Addeline!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Where in Africa was your guest from? Tim grew up in Senegal as a M.K. His older brother is there as a missionary as well.

We got to host a lovely family from West Africa this summer -

Deanna for us all...