Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The weekend that Cleve asked her.... be his wife.

It was so beautiful. Ah! So many memories fill my mind as I remember this incredible weekend. Thank You, Lord...So, here I am, albeit a bit late, to write it down!!

So, here's how it happened, mon cheri:

Saturday afternoon, he gave her a beautiful red rose that felt like velvet, and they drove to the lovely spot (with me in the back as a delighted chaperone/photograher, and with sweet Gracia, too!). He'd picked out a roof top garden with a white pergola, Confederate jasmine climbing up it's wooden frame, with pots of pretty flowers here and there-all looking down on a quaint small town street. The weather was perfect! Blue skies, everything green, but with the perfect fall-ish fell to the air. So, the stage is set.

Below, the Lady and her rose!
On the way...Our precious new sister.
I love this picture - they were sitting out in the garden of the restaurant.
Before he took her up to the garden, they shared a little hors d'oeuvre at Jonah's, with Paul and Gracia joining them just for fun. :D I sat at another table to get some shots and enjoy the whole picture...I could hardly stop smiling...Wow. As I look at this picture, my heart fills up with gratefulness to the Lord. "Those who wait on the Lord will not be disappointed."'s off to the roof top! (If you look closely, you can see Christiana and the other paparazzi Cleve had arranged for getting some footage of them coming...LOL, we were all so excited!)The folks who owned the apartment were so gracious to allow him to use it-they were so sweet.
And then.

A little breeze. Bright sunlight.
Excited, subdued laughs from family positioned here and there, (Cleve had it all worked out so he could have a video of it-he is too cute!)
And then quiet. The scrape of the metal chair.
And then, so much joy and excitement that he forget all that he had planned to say, and so just asked her, in the simplest, sweetest form-on a bended knee and a heart full of love-in quiet words we couldn't hear, but from her face, it looked like she was very, very happy.And she said yes. :)And then he pulled out a beautiful ring and slipped it on her finger! And then there was laughing, congratulations, tears and hugs and hearts so, so full!!SistersAnd of the sweetest things in the world.
Our families and most of our wonderful Church family were down below on the sidewalk, all gathered together-after she said yes they both leaned over and waved, and clapping and cheers went up!! And then the song, 'Going To the Chapel' came up from the side walk, clear and happy!!! It was so glorious.There they are!!!
Those are (some of) my people!! How blessed we are. How I love each one
.The ring and the rose. It's an oval diamond in a Tiffany setting-good job,Cleveland dear. You did good. :)
In lieu of a kiss! - which they're saving for their wedding day. :DYahh!! Praise the Lord!!A picture that speaks so much it almost makes me cry. Bride- and Groom-to-be with their parents.A new sister!!
I just love all the smiles in these pictures!!! They're like sunshine, really. God's people are such happy people!And now, we're all off to the coffee-shop-of-coffee-shops a little bit down the side walk, to celebrate together! Grassroots Coffee - local and fabulous.....On the way there, Cleve tells about the proposal from his end. :D Congratulations from a brother...
...and another brother!! Cleve is blessed with such wonderful friends/brothers!It was even on the menu. :)And all the delicacies that were set up before hand-'Twas beautiful, Mama dear, and so delicious! (See those cookies in the back? Those are Kressant's mocha crinkle cookies she made. They should be illegal. They are awesome.) Our dearest Dorothy! It was so perfect that y'all got to come, Dee!Enoch got passed around to allot of his Aunties! Here he is with his Aunt Manda. He looks VERY comfy. :D Check out the pose! And his pants! Mini camos! Suave Little Muskrat. How I love and miss him!
Hugs from her new friends! (Angela, I love your flower!)
Sweet Peach!! (before her caffeine fix. ;P *mischievous laugh* ) You are fully awesome, dearest sister mine!!

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Anonymous said...

All these wonderful pictures brought tears to my eyes. How precious when two Godly young people are brought together to covenant in marriage together. I pray they will have a long and happy life and will bring glory to God in their marriage.