Monday, March 12, 2012

2011 Retro # 2: Wedding Shower

Another oldie, but once more, too fabulous, memorable and special not to post!

Our local Church Body is one of the greatest blessings in our family's life. To rejoice in the Lord with the people who mean so much to you really is beyond words.
They planned this gorgeous sit down dinner for a wedding shower for Cleveland and Lise on a Sunday evening. We enjoyed an edifying church meeting , and then had an all day affair with picnic lunches, enjoying the beautiful grounds (the weather was scrumptious) and the munchies had a blast on the play areas (and some older ones too :) ) as we waited for the shower to start. It was a truly refreshing, joyful day.Picnicking! Or, Where the Food is, There Also the Vultures will Gather. LOL.
Everybody was so glad D. got to come! Christiana and Prentiss (we miss you all! Come see us!!)
"So, Rachel, how do you do this picnic thing again? I sit on the ground? While I eat?"
The H.s-what a be-a-u-ti-ful family! (Y'all all match! Mrs. K., you're awesome.)
Green and Blue, Yellow, Gray, Brown,'s amazing how many colors there are when you look up.L., you're doing such a good job of holding that sweetie!
Oh my gracious. This little girl brings so much joy into our lives. Grand daughters/nieces are just a delight.
Isa and her wonderful Mommy!Gracie and her adorable nephew. (It was so very good to see y'all!)The honored couple visit around. (and helps themselves to various samples of picnic fare.) ; Oh my word.Relaxin'Christiana is so sweet! All the little ones were just thrilled with her playing with them.
T. gets a hand with the slide form his Granddad!One of the cutest couples in the world.
LOL, E. is set on crawling, looks like...
Let the chaos commence!Another adorable couple! (I LOVE the way E. sucks her fingers...)And another one! Ah. It is so good to see Cleve with his girl.Jonny and Isa-hammies!

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Cochran Family said...

What great pictures!!! I always enjoy your cheery posts, Adeline - such a blessing!!!

That last picture is my favorite - too cute - and all the ones of Isa too!!! :)

Blessings and love to you - I hope you all are well!!

~ Savannah C.