Monday, March 12, 2012

Lise Marie and her Auntie
'Ze Two"Come. A crowd has gathered to greet you!"
Visiting in the hall before dinner...
Two of the many amazing women back in the kitchen. It was so wonderful, y'all!
Lise Marie and Mr. Fritz
Poppy and Mumsie "I mean, I'm the one who needs new pots and pans."
Looks like T. is a not as interested in the ladies conversations as his mommy and Mrs. K . are, LOL...
"Oh honey yes! You should do it!!""So, I just like, gave them this look..."
Laney, Rach loved your dress.
View down the hall... (OK, my brothers are officially awesome!!!! Observe stalwart silhouette in fedora)
The tablescapes were gorgeous.C&LMercy. Observe yonder calories!!!
They were scrumptious.
Everybody brought along a pound cake, and it was amazing how many variations there were.

Oh, and dinner was just fabulous. First, a fresh salad, which was delish. And fluffy rolls, too, and soft butter. Then it was scalloped potatoes, broccoli salad, smoked turkey with cranberry sauce...I think I'm remembering right. There were some other things too, but the main thing was that is was wow good. Aunt C. and her team has a way with menus.
I love the satin on the table.
The W. girls blessed us with some beautiful music during supper. There is nothing like live music!The rest of this precious family!
Candle light
Everybody was excited about the dessert. ;)

"Awww..."Cleveland and Lise Marie were blessed in so many ways that evening. The generosity and thoughtfulness of the Body of Christ is simply amazing, and just makes you want to cry sometimes. The mother of the bride had a good time keeping the official list of folks to say 'thank you' to. And they were, so thankful for the outpouring of love. It's just too cute watching new little couples open gifts together.
(Isn't that a beautiful piece there, by the way?) They got several really lovely pieces of art that evening...And here's C&L posing with Willie with some of his beautiful work, too-these original photographs look awesome hanging in their apartment! Little William is SO adorable. "Wet me take a wook at those..."
Cleve's inner 12 year old comin' out...
"How did you know I wanted this? How how how!!?"LOL. :D
We all enjoyed watching...and listening to Mr. Fritz, Mr. Rick and Wesley cracking jokes and making everybody laugh...It was a beautiful evening. Here's a rose, to say goodbye!




Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shower and what a wonderful body of believers to give it to them. I hope you all will post some pictures of their wedding. We heard from some friends that attended that it was quite beautiful.
Great photos!


S. Knudson said...

That was such a gorgeous Wedding shower! Mrs.C did such a good job organizing it!

Hope all is well.


Unknown said...

Dear Ade,

Thanks so much for all the lovely pictures! This brings back such special memories. I miss you!
Chandler, Prentiss, and baby!

Anonymous said...

I was passing by a People's magazine with Prince William's wife Kate on the front and I thought that looks like Lisa Marie. Just a thought. I guess Cleveland says sure she looks like a princess to me.