Friday, March 9, 2012

I love that feeling when you go through the trail in the grasses and then, the beach is suddenly there! Purple Petals
It was so cute watching the grandkids enjoy the water.
it's so special watching my precious Mom being a Grand Mama...Me and Isa
He likes it. :DSitting in the sand with people you love is, 'de bestest!Isa Boo!She was determined to get a tan before she left...
A woman who is far above rubies...I love these girls...we had a blast....splashing, laughing, enjoying peanut M&Ms (the best!) jumping into the waves, taking beachy pictures of each other, laughing and ewwing over cheesy ones, exclaiming over good ones, balancing on old logs, running and playing a version of snap the whip into the water...where the land meets the water is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world!Kressy and her 4 babies!
(by the way, this girl is one amazing sister in law...ah! We love her so much...And of course those small specimens. Just look at Jonathan's smile!! Isa looks slightly dazed, LOL. She must be in shock at the crazy things her Aunt and Uncle do to get her to smile... "What in the world are they doing!?" )Toes in sand!

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Love the photos of you girls on the beach...and your sweet mother! She is beautiful!

Hope you are all well...


Tana Mc said...

Hello Dear, dear Morton Family!

I found your blog quite by accident and it has gladden my heart soooooo much to see all your faces plus so many new ones!!

Tana McCarter