Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunday we were able to go to Church meeting with the C. family and were so blessed and encouraged by the Body of Christ. What a loving, humble group of people.These two are adorable. (Good job on the clean plate, Hannah)Amy and Alyssa!A lizard was found.

"Pst! Save me, please!! These children are killing my nerves! Not to mention I'm about to fall and break my tail. Besides, Love, this fern is not adequate provision for stability!"
The W.'s have the most gorgeous feline. They were the silkiest cats I've ever felt. (Not to mention the only sweet ones. No, we did have a sweet one once...
Martha's love for these creatures is uncharted) ;D The W.'s hospitality is so warm, loving and beautiful. It was a true delight.Two adorable brotha's.Mr. and Mrs. W are such a beautiful picture of faithful love and devotion to Christ and each other. It is an honor to be in their presence.
M., you're blessed (as I am, too) as a granddaughter!
Two J.'s go for water.The Circle forms before departure! :D Bein' with all these folks was a great way to finish off a fabulous weekend.
Oh, and we got to take A. and M. home with us for a week! Goodie! The trip home was a blast (well, I slept through most of it but was told it was awesome, LOL-nothing like sleeping for a blast! :D ) Anyway, we arrived home unscathed, despite our somewhat crazed traveling companions, and enjoyed a week of delight with our sweet girls!

OK, I'm gonna run...hugs and kisses to all! Remember to sing to the Lord this afternoon!
Tomorrow is Sunday. Can hardly wait to see everybody. I love Sundays! The Lord is so, so good!!

Ta~ta and toodles, mon cheris!!

~Adeline Grace

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The Campana Family said...

Aww! Special times!
Please come down again soon...we have to make another movie :p

Love ya'll sooo much!

Alyssa and Gracia