Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Daniel DeShazer
Michael Jr and Kressant (who came as Mrs. Sarah McDowell, the wife Ephraim McDowell, who pioneered abdominal surgery)Randomness, glorious randomness!
(Wesley and Rachel came as) General and Mrs. Priestly. Their story is an incredible, and mostly unknown story that can be read about in The American Twins of the Revolution. Along with a particular silver tea set, the account of the events of 1777 were passed down through the Priestly family until being recounted by Sally’s (the Priestley's daughter) great-granddaughter to the author, Lucy Fitch Perkins.
This made me laugh. Not exactly the things they carried around then.
Mr. Daniel came as his Great+ Grandfather, and Daddy represented Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. What an amazing heritage we're blessed with.
Lovely Ladies Joshua "a la Ham" Smith :) with some of the Hagen clan... John Wright Houston (our great, great, great grandfather and the nephew of Sam Houston) and Joshua Gianavel. (I love my guys-they're fully awesome!)
Two of the most precious young ladies I know...
Mr. Lister meets a fan.
Dakota and Willi, another wonderful duo...
I know it's only half a picture, but I adore this picture of Abigail Rose. I just love it when you catch your sister laughing...And your pearls are perfect.
Mr. Mike Smith, another Confederate Father.
Some of the beautiful Dan S. ladies-we were so glad y'all could make it this time!
Senior Samuel Que Atonta Siempre
50's Beauties
Las Señoras jovenes: Bethany La Maravilla y el Alyssa La Caída De La Quijada, pose for a slight moment. Hoss Cartwright. :D


Anonymous said...

What an incredible ball. The costumes are amazing. Did you all get all the snow we did up here in the northern part of the state? We're still snowed in.


Brittany said...

Great pictures y'all! We had such a wonderful time! Thank you so much for having everyone over! I hope we get to see y'all soon! God Bless, Brittany

Unknown Artist said...

This is so fun! Wonderful pictures!! =)

Orenczaks said...

Everyone looks great. How fun! One of these times we will make it to the Ball. Cant wait to see you and all your family. Sooner rather than later I hope. :)