Thursday, January 20, 2011

Of Sanders and Skates

A week or two ago, Cleve, Marth, Andrew and I packed up in an hour or so, and sailed off to Alabama to visit the two Sanders families, delivering some trees and plants while we were at it, and to join the Ford family and others at their delightful skating party...we had a completely incredible time with all, and even got to stay an extra day! (sadly, the car would not start, but, happily spent we a whole day relaxing and catching up with the girls, Darth and the whole family!! :)

So! Below, us is, gathered 'round that there islando, very late at night, and enjoying each other's company and savoring....

...Abbi's incredible, 100 % healthy chocolate/peanut butter shakes-she's so sweet!! Afterwards, we played nertz and speed uno, laughed, talked, sang, joked and ate cookies 'till around 4:30, and then we all hopped upstairs "to bed" and talked 'till was just so wonderful to be together.The afore mentioned delicacies
Dorothy!! It was so, so good to be with her, and to get a tour of her little house next door! It was such a blast staying up late together...
"Gracie Pacy, pout not 'ore thy shakes-thine is yet coming-lo, it is yet in the makes."
~Unknown Author

(I'm sorry I could not find the name of the poet that wrote this witty line. I suppose he/she feared the publicity that they would undoubtedly receive if their name was made known. I suppose genius has it's downsides...)
Here we are the next morning, looking fresh and rested. ;D (Grace and I look like 90 year old cave dwellers, LOL...)

Sisters, cozy afghans, pajamas, fluffy couches and late mornings just go together...
Andrew is the tickle monster...
On the way to go skating, Uncle Tim took Cleve's offered accessories for a the New Look!
Abbi, you take a great car picture, ma' dear!

(and you TAKE a great car picture, too-that one you posted of me en route was subtly flattering, and gave the viewer a fine view of my jaw bone...)The most delicious spot to stop. Nears culinary perfection.
Marth, Grace and Bekage-"Will smile for doughnut."
And here's all us kids, 'cept Cleve, who is behind the camera. Dear boy.
"Five Girls Prepare to Enter Rink" or maybe "Before the Stumbles" would be more fitting. (for me and Marth, anyway) :) Love these girls so!
Cleveland ready to your hat...

And, then, because of the way Battery and I work together, he died, as usual, right before I went to taking tons of pictures! Alas. :) He is sadly abused.

Anyway, we got to visit with lots of precious folks-the Fords were the most incredible hosts and hostesses, and just made us all feel so welcome-they had piles of tasty food, bottled water, homemade cookies (we just loved all the 'people' gingerbread!) and encouraging conversations for was so good seeing and visiting with people that we don't get to see that often.

Arriving back at the Sanders, we discovered the woeful fact about our mode of transportation. So, another day of luscious visit! :) We slept in, munched on peanut butter and cheese, watched a movie, and gave each other back rubs while we discussed improvements on New Year's logistics. (It's so fun critiquing things! :)

Aunt Wendi helped us get the car in a shop over there, and then that night, Uncle Tim drove us to Columbus, where we met Daddy dear, who drove us back to Calathora!

Thanks Sanders, and Noah&Dorothy Sanders, for everything!

We love y'all!

Adeline, for all


Cochran Family said...

Hi Adeline!

Your posts are always such an encouragement and delight to read!!!

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the New Year.

Those chocolate peanut butter shakes look great! Is there any way I could get the recipe?! :)

Many blessings to you all.


Mrs.Rabe said...

What fun to spend time with family and friends, and get a break from the usual routine!

Hope your car has recovered!

Michele said...

What a wonderful fun time had by all!!
Mrs. Hope

Anonymous said...

You girls (and guys) sure know how to have fun - even in the wee hours of the morning.


Audrey Ann said...

Addie! I love these pictures, especially the one of Uncle Tim! It made me smile. :) Hope you all are doing well and staying warm. I am currently on the island of Guam doing some mission work, living with a missionary family and teaching Kindergarten at their school. I enjoy your blog. May Jesus be with you strongly, dear girl.