Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mrs. Priestly
Nina W., a beautiful girl inside and out... Thanks to some generous friends, there was an abundance of fresh Brewster's ice cream for all to enjoy! It was wonderful, and very refreshing. (It was quite warm in the barn, believe it or not)Sweet Lauren! It was such a joy to have y'all. (lovely dress!)
Another beautiful W. girl! She makes me smile...
So does this. :) (I loved the rose in your hair, 'Lyssa!)
That's my sister down there, The New Mama! (I get so excited thinking about Dorothy being a mother. Wow...Praise the Lord!)
Mrs. D., The Beauty With Faithful Nikon in Paw
Johnny Appleseed calls the chaos to order.
(Cuties!) Mr. and Mrs. Cromwell
The 50's Brothers, in Ponderment.
In Laughs
The music goes on... Brother and Sister, Danny and McKinny
Father and Daughter, Rick and Sarah
Brother and Sister, Cleveland and Adeline
Man and Wife, Fritz and Conley
The "Ginger" ;) Reel starts...
John Rogers was there.

"A little before his burning, his pardon was brought, if he would have recanted; but he utterly refused it. He was the first martyr of all the blessed company that suffered in Queen Mary's time that gave the first adventure upon the fire. His wife and children, being eleven in number, ten able to go, and one sucking at her breast, met him by the way, as he went towards Smithfield. This sorrowful sight of his own flesh and blood could nothing move him, but that he constantly and cheerfully took his death with wonderful patience, in the defence and quarrel of the Gospel of Christ."
-Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Mr. Vanderbilt and his lovely daughter
General and Mrs. Thomas Jackson. Ah, I love my parents...
There was a line of small children that wanted to get their picture taken with Johnny Appleseed. Here's Ashburn's. (He was even handing out seeds, signed. ;)
And more...
Uncle Tim and Aunt Wendi lookin' adorable!Captain Mitsuo Fuchida and Jacob DeShazer. Please read their miraculous story
Mr. and Mrs. John Alden (He was fond of her barley cakes, as shown above)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Morton Family,
What a wonderful blog post showing such wonderful memories!! We had such a grand time and enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you so much for inviting us! We miss all of you too!!
Thank you for the wonderful hospitality that you show so many!
The Hope Family