Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mother and son...The afore mentioned eating of oranges. :) And visiting.
Abbi, that's your color...beautiful!!
Two amazing ladies..NicholasNorma, Marty and Grace (love those girls...)
Lady Dee (munching citrus)
Sir Noah (looking quizzical)
An enchanting assortment of little girls....and various pieces of porch art. Gotta love the junk!

All that porch needs is several dogs.

(I have been lamenting the lack of canines on our farm of late. We so need another beastie! A huge, massive one, with no drool. And also, a little beagle, named Dixie. With brown eyes. And the larger hound should be named Oglethorpe. He can be any color, only very large...)Gabriella
Amanda (oh cool-Martha and 'Manda's clothes make an opposite quilt!)
Edgar, Cleveland and Noah, three wonderful brothers! The lighting in this shot is really cool, too...
And then Monday was Martha's 18th birthday-here she is, our amazing Martha Harriet, enjoying some beautiful flowers the Campanas got for her. We love you, Marth!

Happy Birthday!

Some folks headed home Saturday, some on Sunday-we were glad that the Campanas and Davis' were able to stay some on Monday, too-it helps to ease the sad departures when all your dear friends leave gradually, instead of departing in one huge, sad caravan...

Well, 'till later, my dears-it was a wonderful time with y'all!

Much love,

Adeline Grace


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures. It is such an encouragement to see believers gathering together for sweet fellowship. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos and Happy Birthday to Martha.


Anonymous said...

You are kidding about the dogs right?!

Jeri Beth said...

Hi Mortons!
We enjoyed seeing pictures from the ball - wish we could have made it! Thank y'all for inviting us; maybe it'll work out next time.
Oh, send Martha birthday greetings! She's such a sweetie.
Well, I hope y'all are well! Maybe we can see you soon.
With love,
~Jeri Beth

Rora Valley said...

Love the contrast in hair colors in the pix of Norma, Marty and Grace. Yes, good-byes are the hardest part. It was such a refreshing weekend!

Love y'all,

Mrs.Rabe said...

Happy birthday to Martha! Lovely photo! Also really liked the photo of Cleveland, Noah and Edgar. Great photo!