Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lovely girls...
Adeline (mio) nearing midnight! :D
Abbi and Katie catching up. (can you believe that we had not seen the Sanders fam since the wedding!? We were so grateful for a whole weekend with them!)
Amanda Whitney, wonderful daughter, sister, 'auntie', friend...
Senior Samuel Que Atonta Siempre poses with his cousins, the Senioritas Bethany La Maravilla and Alyssa La CaĆ­da De La Quijada. (They had just returned from Madrid three days before.)Near midnight, we all headed outside for some beautiful fireworks, and counted down the seconds 'till we yelled "happy new year!!" in the freezing night air.

A new year.


Isn't that amazing? Then we all came inside, and Daddy led us in a time of prayer and singing. Different men spoke. It was such a blessing to pray in the new year together, and commit it to our Lord Jesus Christ. We all sang the doxology together. That is enough to make you cry, it's so complete and poignant.

Thank You, Abba Father, for a new day.
After that, everybody pulled out their instruments and played and sang, and we all ate more ice cream...Their music was just superlative.
Emily plays so beautifully...Rebekah Ashton-simply, amazing.
Daddies and daughters, how precious they are!My two brother in laws. Aren't they awesome!!?
Listening, talking, laughing...
Michael Morton Sr.-Father, Husband, Grandfather, uncle, son, carpenter, architect, elder, farmer, southern gentleman-my Daddy...he is such a man, and I love him.Stonewall Jackson enjoys and approves of the music...
And Ruth the Moabitess, of the ice cream...
Lerah with Dorothy, "the other one" ;) "Yes, their mine!"
Daisy, a la glamor"Suave and debonair, my man!"
Amanda and Sarah-I adore this picture of you two...
(Mara and Emory) Two charming Indian maids, converted by Thomas.
Her gorgeous silk shawl went strangely missing the next day... ;)
A circle of friends.
Brittany, bella!
Emanuel, an adorable man from the 50's. I just loved his bow tie. (The two Italians in the top two backgrounds are making some delightful expressions.)
I love this picture of Martha...
Queen MimiGrace Paris, another 50's beauty...
Not sure what she was telling me here... ;)

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Brittany said...

I love all of the "in action" pictures :) That was so fun! Thanks for posting. -Brit