Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And then Corn Cakes!!! I mean corn hole-however that goes-anyway, then of course we had a massive tournament that afternoon. There are soo many special pictures of people in mid toss I laughed so hard sorting through the pictures. :)
Cleve tossin'.
Daddy doing the same...he was so good. Mama just always looks so elegant!! I love her so. Christiana, your expression makes me laugh.
Paul's driving prowess was, until then, unknown.
(No, no, he didn't drive. :D Doesn't he look great, though?)

And above is Hunter and Chandler, a wonderful duo. (they are seen here whispering strategy to each other as they pretend to gather bags. (It was painfully obvious) ;D

Dear Prentiss bringing in some of the beautiful produce she had raised!
Another elegant lady!!
Aww, you're so sweet. It was nothing, really. I just snapped, and it just, turned out incredible. Notice the slight blurring of the bag in motion, the focus on the black hole. The still figures in the back ground, blurred but greatly adding to the overall effect of the photograph. The variety of blues in the foreground and back...

This is such a fun picture...
Dr. and Mrs. K.-gracious hosts and dear Christian friends.
The crowds observe with fascination.
Chandler holds The List.
I just love it when you catch everyone in their thoughtful expression. (I especially love mine. It is disturbing enough that it causes any opponents to be distracted to failure. Keep a serious face during stare. Repeat if necessary.)
This one amuses me as well...
A baby acorn Sam found-isn't it so cute!? :) I love little things.
Ah, how beautiful families are!
....and father and soon-to-be son-in-law :)
I think I rung the chimney on that one...
Beautiful, beautiful flag...
"What's that......!!??" (to have a brother's all-the-way laugh in a picture is one of my favorite things)
Sweet Christiana
The dog acted as umpire for a while...
HA! John, you are hilarious. I know you look disappointed in that toss, but you still look cute. :D
All Mr. Tom needs is a toga.
There's something so beautiful about fathers and their daughters.... :)

And then we all threw knives. That was allot of fun, and Marth and I could hardly stop laughing. Nearly swallowed our hankies. I'm proud of all of us, doing our best. :D It was hilarious.

Here, Hunter demonstrates the Stick Into method. No need to throw or aim. Just place into desired target and add force. It works every time. For him. (*mischievous laugh*) Y'all are just pure delight!

We waved, hollered and hugged goodbye Monday around noon after a lovely lunch at their local Mexican diner, and then headed for Georgia! We had an incredible time, dearest K.s. Thank you, from the bottom of our full and happy hearts.

What car ride is complete without a frappicino? Daddy is too sweet. :D

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The Kendalls said...

Yeah, after that long four-wheeler ride with Tom I needed that Coke. I think I found my life calling. Pushing knives into trees. HAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for posting.... - Hunter