Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Baby!!!!

Dorothy and Noah's baby is here!

Praise the Lord for this little boy, Enoch Timothy!! We are thanking the Lord and so, so happy for our awesome sister and her wonderful hubby. God is so good. Bless His name.

And, y'all-he is gorgeous. Gor-ge-ous. Hehehe!! From the pictures, he looks allot like Dorothy in his face. :) And he has hair! (I know Dee is excited about that, as any Morton blooded person would, LOL!) I can hardly believe that Dorothy and Noah are a Mom and Dad now!! That just makes me smile. We love you both so much!

For some amazing pictures, go visit his other Auntie's bloggie here. See, isn't he luscious? Dorothy and Noah, congratulations on your first born son. Thank You, Lord.

And his feet are perfect! Proper baby feet. :) And his little cheeks! Oh, how I love him. I can hardly wait to hold him and give him kisses.

A heartfull of love to you, little baby boy, from your adoring and anticipating

Aunt Poog

P.S. Oh! Guesses! We all wrote down our thoughts while she was in labor, and I shall post them now for your amusement!

Andrew: boy, 8 lbs
Poog: boy, 7 lbs, 2 oz
Rach: boy, 7 1/2 lbs
N.: girl, 3.2 kilomaters
Sam: girl, 6 lbs 5 oz
Cleve: boy, 7 lbs, 11 oz
John: girl, 7 lbs
Edwin: boy, 5 lbs
Little Joe: boy and he thinks he will be "wittle" thing. :D

What were your thoughts? :) (can you believe I guessed correctly this time?)

(Oh, heavens, by the way, this poor little blog-sorry it's been so long since we've posted-life has been super exciting and busy of late...more on that coming later... *huge, ginormous grin* Until then, lovelies, I remain your tardy but affectionate recorder of events here at Calathora and elsewhere. Have a beautiful day!)

I'm off to look at his pictures again before I go back to bed. :)

Good morning!


Jennifer said...

Congrats to Noah and Dorothy! What a blessing

Rozenn' said...

Felicitations!Que Dieu le bénisse ainsi que ses parents.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I saw the Sanders' blog earlier. What a little cutie. I'm sure you all can't wait to hold and kiss him.
Hope your sister and her little Enoch are doing well.



Knudson said...

He is a beautiful baby Boy. Praise the lord!
Tell Noah and Dorothy congratulation!!

Sarah for the K's

The Campana Family said...

Praise the Lord!

Love you Adeline!

The Campana Family said...

He's beautiful.

Love and miss ya'll.
~Aunt Lisa

Mariah said...

We are so Happy for Dorothy and Noah!
Praise the Lord!
What a little cutie he is!

Miss ya'll loads and loads.

Love Mariah

Melanie said...

Yeah!! We are rejoicing with you all! I just headed over to see the pictures and he is so darling! Nephews are such fun aren't they?

Thanks for keeping us up to date!
I hope the rest of you are all well.
Lots of love to you all!

Mrs.Rabe said...


I am going to look at the Sanders blog for photos!

I am not surprised by a boy - they seem to run in the family.

As to some of your other exciting things, I noticed something interesting on the Sanders blog post about the wedding.....waiting to hear!

We miss your posts, Adeline! And you all!


Davis Family said...

Yey! Yey! Yey! Praise God!!! How sweet!!!<3:)

Cochran Family said...

CONGRATULAIONS!!! What exciting news. We are so happy for you all. He is adorable!!! :)

Looking forward to more updates on life there in GA.

Rejoicing with you all...

Love and hugs!
Savannah (for all)

Baleboosteh said...

What a peach of a baby! Our congratulations and love to all the family. Children are truly a blessing from God.
Michelle and Rob

OurLilFullFam said...

Yeah, I know how excited you must be, and how anxious to hold him yourself! Missing your updates!


Anonymous said...

As a long time reader and (I think) a first time commenter, congratulations on another fine nephew. It was great to see a new post and I hope time allows you to post again soon. I really enjoy your inspirational language and pictures.

God bless!