Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Then it was off to the Kendall's!! What a precious, welcoming family. Above, is The Courting Couple (now engaged!!!) looking absolutely adorable!
I think my favorite part of being with a family is when we gather at the end of the day for the reading of God's Word, singing, telling stories, hearing is all so rich.
Such a sweet Grandmother! (R.'s looking pretty intent, LOL...she just loved it when she would sing! :) Love this one...

And touring their beautiful town! Christiana looking so feminine in her glorious hat!
The suspension bridge. It would shake sometimes, but had a beautiful view.
Marfa dear!

(This makes me think of you, Daisy!! Miss and love you!) Another shot of sister...

Some of us girlies on a swing.

(gracious, these are very simple captions. And you know how big I am on word economy, too....yes, it is late!)

The incredible view from the bridge.
And the view from...the view!
There were tons of the tamest little pigeons. "Tommy's got the spotlight!" ;)
Their streets was just beautiful... I thought this planting was stunning.
Touring the town was extra fun in Lise's adorable convertible.
John Man holding down a rock at the river.

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The Kendalls said...

Wonderful post.... we Kendalls had such a fantastic time. We laughed and laughed looking at all the pictures. That was such a special visit for us and we think of it often!! We can't wait to be able to host y'all again soon I hope!

God Bless

Love and blessings

PascoLife said...

Awww...thats so sweet ('bout the daisies)
Thank you Addie:) I'm honored.
Miss and Love ya,