Wednesday, August 31, 2011

July Vacation

Darlingest Readers,

How are you!? I've missed you! Heavens, I'm so behind in keeping this poor picture journal up.

SO: Before I indulge in posting pictures of THE cutest newborn in the world, we shall be good children and catch up.


July was huge. Very busy, exciting, and making me smile as I look back through these 'old' pictures! God is good, all the time, and so faithful!

Alrighty-we spent our July 4 vacation in South Carolina, beautiful state-we enjoyed touring Traveler's Rest, some reenacting at Cowpens battlefield, and a wonderful weekend with the dear Kendall family. What a blessing our time with them was!! Thank you all so, so much for an incredible time!!

So, now, I take you with us to our first stop, into a room at Traveler's Rest, where I admire the work on the stairs. The wood in this home was incredible.

It is so fun to tour homes with our architect Daddy!! He is brilliant and is so sweet to point out things of interest to us.
The tour guide said the red color comes from adding a little gold to the glass while it's being made. Would have never ever guessed!
Sister Dear with the afore mentioned stairs. (Andrew and Sam rush to join the picture)
Me and Marth
The roman numerals that guided the builders.
Now there are some incredible shoes! :)
My Father's hand resting on the hand railing that is made of one solid piece of wood.

After we enjoyed the house and grounds, Daddy took us to this precious little cafe-it was delightful. The interior decorating was beautifully done. See, isn't that cool? It's like a wood-sy window treatment.
A glorious detail from...
...this amazing quilt! All the different fibers were just fabulous.
A stunning lily at the Inn...


Kathryn said...

What is the name of the house that you visited? I would love to go see it---I live in TR.

Looks like you had lots of fun in our area!

Kathryn (long time lurker on your beautiful blog)

Katrina Guy said...

Well between this place, and all the other historic/beautiful/educational places you've also featured, you've given me a list of places to go to the next time I have the opportunity to travel to the southern states (I live in Canada, so it only happens every few years).

Great post!