Friday, February 24, 2012

It's so nice living in South Georgia. :) It was beautiful weather that evening and some of us spilled out into the yard for more room.Two of the sweetest girls you'll ever know...Up and over...Oranges and PineIt's The Twins!View from the stairs...
Maud and I
I love catching people when they're talking.
I loved your costume, S.!! A. making up impressive war stories for LMCampbella! (Your pink bow is magnificent.)'Ze two SpaniardsCharles Wesley......and his wife! Quite a handsome couple.And totally in love.And beautiful.And very, very happy.
Edwin, you are fantastic.And he looks like he's right out of Braveheart.I love you, little brother!!Lauren and Joseph, a fabulous brother/sister duo... Father and SonArmand is so cool. Looking suave in your tux!Mother and Daughter-in-LoveI just love these people and this picture! Siblings are so wonderful.
Another awesome brother/sister pair...*laughing*
This picture remind me of two undercovers casing a these buddies...Dearest Daisy-she is a jewel!Big Sister/Little Brother (not for long, LOL...)Willie makes people smile!I love this one! More visiting...
An amazing daughter and her wonderful father! (I love. love. this picture!)Hey girlies!
Look at the little couple in the corner...
And then my favorite part of the whole weekend happens.
When the dancing has stopped. When everything gets real quiet. As midnight approaches. And then my father and others get up, and testify and proclaim the goodness of the Lord, encouragement for the new year and thoughts of what they and their families have learned in the past one. It's like a turning point every year. To be with these people, on the very brink of another year in history-the only 2012 there will ever be-and to commit it to the One Who gives it-and every year; month, day, moment-it always give you chills and brings tears to your eyes. All one can say is, thank You, Lord.After midnight.
The hour is having it's effect upon Nicholas and Mrs. Angie
I LOVE watching Wes make people laugh.Visiting...

Page three, lovelies. 'Zis way.

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