Friday, February 24, 2012

New Year's Photographs that Caused a Laugh from the Authoress, Accompanyied with Fictional Verbiage

When the photographer got pesky Frank decided to go physical.
"Li, you know I could put him on the ground, eh?"
"Yah. Go ahead, Frank. Umhum. He's being a disturbance..."Ethan's joke hasn't downloaded yet. Still processing.
"Bingly's wealth is nothing to his. 15 thousand a year!!
"Please, Cleveland? More chocolate?""Oh, Mr. Palmer!! It is the best plan in the WORLD!!"
"Cleve-Cleve, does it look better if I look up-like this? Sort of a, ya' know, nonchalant, casual look? Slight smile?"
"No. No you didn't. Um. Wow. OK. He just took my last three animal crackers off my plate. Wow. I really wanted those. I can't believe he just did that..."
Amy stoically whispers through shut lips "Alyssa, stay calm..."

You know a child is exhausted when he keeps the same expression for 7 minutes straight.
"Ashburn-you OK, buddy?"
We even wedge a cracker in there to rouse him, but to no avail.
"So-Dan-it was you!!!!" Tim's voice rose to a shrill cry as he lunged for his tie. Dan jumped back, alarmed by Tim's sudden attack.
"What!" he cried "What did I do?!"
"Then it was you!" he shrieked, "My tie-you're the one who took it off the bathroom counter!!"
Ansley laughed nervously as Wendi tried to unclasp Tim's desperate grip on the silken fabric...
*Well, shoot. I forgot my bull and the scarlet cape.*
*But, of course, I am pretty entertaining enough by myself, I dare say...who needs cattle and red velvet when you have funny faces like this with which to amuse, or fine stalwart limbs like these where with to turn somersaults or vault over furniture?*

"Hahahah!!! Hey, do I have anything in my teeth?!!!!"
"Yep. Yep. Ah, ya....See if we can, huh, get 'em out, here. I think I'm gonna charge Bill 10 bucks for this."
1:13 AM
1:14 AMChristine and Katie just stood there, drinking cup after cup and chatting away. You could hardly get to the bowl. They are pictured here after their 15th refill.Lee chokes on an animal cracker in the midst of a humorous tale.
The Fashion Police kept a sharp eye out for Spring misdemeanors and issued several citations during the evening to Winters in off white. Contact her for criminal records and issued color charts.
"Where. did. you. hide. the punch. No! Tell me! Now. Bret and I are simply in need of caffeine in a definitive form. I'm not afraid to pull out my little fists and use them best I can. It's simply non optional."
"Pretzels?" she repeated in the background, a handful of them clutched tightly behind her back, hidden deep beneath yards of enormous ruffles. "Why, Mrs. Angie, as you can see, the platter's empty!""Um, Michael, I know this is an unusual request-but, I need a tie. Wendi and I have noticed yours. And, apparently... you aren't comfortable in it, so, I thought maybe, with needing a tie on this hand, and your not liking the one you have on, on the other hand, we could meet up and help to solve both our problems, all the while maintaining a balanced bartering system that could benefit all concerned..."

"Marth, are you alright?
*Laughing. Very Hard.*
Esther Plots a Tour of the Barn while Mom is resting .
"As soon as dat girl turns arownd me is going to run to da potty. She thinks me is sleepin'. But me isn't. Then me's is going to run to da kitchen and get me some pirouette sticks. 4 fo' now, and 4 fo' later. Me's going to hid 'dem is mine cape. Then, me is goin' to....and here's my G'ammama to end 'dis post.....

Jeanine back again to say good night......

So, off to sleep-sim-by and beddie-boo we all went, campers and bedrolls, sewing rooms and bedrooms filled and 130 girls in Rachel's huge dining room and every nook and cranny of Calathora filled with happy snores and sweet dreams - Michael and I had planned to be in the tack shed, but alas, such a romantic getaway was in the end , not needed, so we stayed at Michael and Kressant's new , albeit unfinished home - they had prepared one of the bedrooms all cozy and lovely for the weekend's hospitable use, so we opted for that rather than the tack shed.....

Sunday morning dawned lovely and pleasant....we enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship and heard some good preaching at church Sunday morning, and then folks began to pack up and turn towards home.....

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