Friday, February 24, 2012

Saturday morning we all woke up to mist, shrouding everything like an endless white chiffon scarf...
We started the day off with a Bridal Brunch that morning, over at Wesley and Rachel's home..... all the Morton ladies and all of our sisters and sister-in-laws were hosting the bridal shower for our dear 'sister' Bethany, soon to be Mrs. Danny L.!
After the yummy brunch, everyone gathered in Rachel's living room and we were so blessed to hear advice and encouragement for Bethany from so many wise and godly women.

There was one woman who was there who had been married 63 years. What an honor to be in her presence, and to hear her words of wisdom directed to a young bride. One thing this dear lady exhorted us about was not to go to bed upset with each other. She reminded us that the Word says not to let the sun go down on our anger. Those are the things of life, and they are so true and so good.
Bethany is such a special young woman, and we just love her so. She is going to be such a wonderful, virtuous wife!
And, being me, my battery died, so, no pictures. :D

Saturday afternoon was spent in finishing odds and ends in preparation for the evening, relaxing on the swing with dear friends, drinking coffee and harvesting vegetables out of the garden together to make some chicken soup for lunch... It was like medicine, all being together, under the brightest of blue skies. It was a beautiful day. I had the most wonderful time, just being. All together. It's like a tiny taste of heaven and eternity to those who's hearts are cleansed by His perfect blood.

Then, the time came for the 2011 Calathora New Year's Ball! The oranges...
...and the butler welcome you!

(This year we decided to appoint a brother/sister team to be the butler and maid and me and Andrew got the positions! We had THE best time with it, and actually got to dance almost every dance to boot! (when everyone else is dancing, there's not many platters to refill) And we had way too much fun hopping around in a frilly apron and a towel over one arm! 'Twas a blast...)Mingling (Katie is so sweet!)The afore mentioned Maid and Butler (trying to look regal)(wasn't working...)Can you believe he is my 'little' brother!? What an ox he is!! It's actually quite fun when your little brothers grow up. :)Abbi of Southern Rose Photography getting some beautiful pictures!Listening to the amazing stories people shared from the past and present. It is so uplifting and sobering to hear of some of the people who have gone before us. We have so. so. much to be thankful for. I was so inspired by several people who told their stories from their character's prospective, with accents and all-it was amazing!

While I didn't get a picture of every family, this is just a little sampling of how the evening went-oh, and Noah did an amazing job of emceeing the evening!!
(I just love. love. this picture of Dee, Noah and Little Man. It is so beautiful seeing your sister so in love-isn't is just glorious!?)
Refilling the punch bowl. Or maybe I'm getting myself a drink. Either way, you've got to taste this punch!!! It is the best punch hands down, ever! If you like coffee. :D It's basically a coffee milkshake, hehe...After stories and intros, it was onto feasting and dancing! And chatting.
Above is Rebekah and Lauren guarding the meatballs.
Just teasing. :)
And here's me and my little nephew Wallace!
(He's like a little cub bear. I love this child. Just look at him! His nose and bow tie are just-just-ah...)

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