Friday, February 24, 2012

Uncle Frank and Mr. R.- priceless!Everybody played their instruments......and we sang together for a while. We had a very talented group of musicians-it was pretty incredible.More chatting...Ab and Auntie!Hey, look-they're both in blue.
(Miss you, Maud!)

A few more dances before 1:30-we tried to all start heading to bed earlier than we normally do so we could all be attentive the next morning during Church meeting- we didn't get in bed by 1:30, LOL, but a lot sooner then we would have otherwise.
Dear People~
The R.'s are such a wonderful family-it was so lovely that we got to have them here. (Aren't they an adorable couple?)
Bethy's laugh!
Just don't eat the red ones, honey.
Daddy looked so amazing. I couldn't decide whether I liked color or b&w best, so I posted both. Oh, and Daddy's eyes turn the exact shade of his waistcoat! They're gorgeous.Me and Mimi!

"I was to go as her servant, but only on the understanding that I would be treated very badly."~S&S
Later that night I tried to gather up the remaining Spaniards that were still awake for some pictures-they're all so hilarious I had to post several-...smilin',
Well...are they adorable or what? Haha...I don't think we got one where they're all doing the same face.
The Three SenoritasAlyssa, you looked so authentic. 'Ze Senorita Alyssa Rosa Campanio Bowmanita And, once more, our Little Bret III has fallen asleep, and so ends our New Year's welcome!

Praises to our Saviour...


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