Friday, February 24, 2012

Mariah came as a Victorian Beauty!
Mariah, you are such a blessing.

y'all-since picnik is free now, I'm having so much fun with textures! Check out the old-ization! ;) Maybe a bit overboard but FUN! Doesn't it look straight out of the musty-Victorian-attic-chest scenario?)
Daddy and Mimi
What a joy having these folks down! I love watching daddies and daughters dance...Father and Son
Little Man again. Once again, irresistibly adorable.Mr. R. with the D.'s online, live! We missed them so much-but it was so good to "see them". New Year's just isn't the same with out y'all here in person, though.Another lovely shot of Lise Marie! (LOL, can you tell who has the camera? :D ) We're so glad you're in our family, Lise Marie! We love you...

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