Monday, March 14, 2011

Aunt Christine getting a house tour...
Hey up there, doll! Looking Giant-ous!
Edgar up top with Tom...
Some views from Andrew's angle...Rachel with William.
(that's William's Eygiptian maid behind him, carrying his supply of ice. ;)
"Would you care for some ice, my booted man?"
Me, with Angelita!! (Angela) I loves hers... "Alan. Alan. Alan, Alan! Alan!"
(I have the two most awesome brother in laws ever!)S., I just love this one of you...
And this one of Dasiy! Such joy! And that's Kenny-Kin there (an incredible friend with amazing hand writing) writing her bit on the walls. (We were all writing scriptures and messages on the boards)
It's Stead Stir! And fans, to the left.
A really, really precious couple...Essie CakesEssie Cake's Mama and Papa!
The Snack Deliverers depart.
That afternoon was so cozy and's Kressy playing with her beautiful baby on the couch...Oh my goodness, he is so sweet. Look at that smile!I'm smitten.Mama and Kress watch some of the progress...
While Jon-Jon plays in his cozy coupe...Doesn't his smile look like Michael Jr. in this one? I love baby profiles. Officially gorgeous
I just loves hims... Our house, one door over. What wonderuful across-the-street-neighbors we'll have! ;)
Putting on the tin...
Wesley and his darling family...
Samuel sending wood up where it's needed... Alan, Cleveland, Andrew and Willie
Cleveland on the corner...And, a view from our third floor window near the end of the day! (before they stopped for supper, several pieces of tin were put up)
What a blessing the Body of Christ is! It was such a joyous day-working, resting, eating and laughing together.

"Unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain who build it."

Praise the Lord!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an incredible project. It's amazing how much work got done by the men of the church and all the work that was done in advance too. It looks like it will be a solid well-done house. Please show us a picture of it when it's all finished.
I loved the picture of the little cowboys on the fence! :)


Anonymous said...

So glad to see that the house is coming along nicely :), and I love the pictures of the little boy.. he's soo cute!!


Davis Family said...

Oh my goodness, their house looks like it will be beautimous!!! Your little niece and nephews are too cute:) Aren't little ones precious?:D House tours from four year old's are quite interesting-I've had one:D Wait, you mean you didn't save any chocolate for me?:)
Miss y'all!!!
~Alex D.

Christy B. said...

Wow! Just love to watch the progress! Thanks for documenting it for us! So happy for the precious family too!

Love to you all!

The Bohannans