Monday, March 14, 2011

Michael and Kressant's House

Hello, dear Observer.

I hope you are having a simply wonderful morning!

I am here to give you, at last, a post of a 'magnífico' event that has been (and is) taking place here at Calathora-our charming neighbors, Michael Jr. and Kressant, have begun building their home, as I told you earlier. We are just thrilled for them, and have been so blessed to see Michael out there across the lane, building his house for his wife and babies-what a blessing!

I've been hopping out there from time to time with the camera and getting a few pictures over the last few months, and Kress has shot a few, too, so, without further delay:

Michael and Kressant's house!

Have you ever recieved a house site tour from a 4 year old? It is too hilarious, and ooddles of amusment follow the happy event..."See, this is our house!""And that's my Daddy-he's got some Muuuud!!" *gleefully laughs over prospect*
A view from the field... "See 'dis river? The water hose made it. See, over there? The water hose?"
Sand Pile
(I have so many wonderful memories of playing in the many sandpiles that dotted our yard when we were building our home when I was a little girl...Once, the dear Copeland girls were over, and we had the unusual idea of playing Hide-random-objects-in-sand-and-see-if-the-others-can-find-it.
It was great fun, and, after we amused ourselves in this fashion for several hours, our happy plans were spoiled after the rude awakening of that fact that our sugar bowl from our favorite plastic tea set was suddenly unfindable, and the brilliant one of us who had hidden it could not remember where she had buried it. Even after the five of us dug around faithfully, alas, it was not to be found-forever lost in the depths of white, soft sand, never to be seen again... :) Sweet memories make me laugh!
"I'm gonna float this ship down this river. And see this shark? It drown-ded."Joseph was playing in his yard and stepped over to see what was going on...
He and Critter felt compelled to soil their garments.
I had a feeling they would take advantage of the rushing "river" that was at their pleasure, LOL...
Precious Carlos, my dear, sweet little pudding with beautiful eyes, had just woken up from his nap and, while in no mood to get wet in December, was stumbling around half asleep mumbling "I'm a cowboy...I'm a cowboy..." Ah, they make me laugh...
I love this picture. It is all the things that represent an amazing season of life...
Lumber delivered.The two cutest cowboys in the world show me their fine pistols.

(Carlos' hat is the evidence of 84 too many mis-fires.)

"Watch the muzzle control, my man." said the over weight store owner from across the counter, eyeing his custumer's shredded head piece as he pulled his own maroon silk waistcoat down over his ample self and straightened his top hat before nervously continuing.
"In these parts, one can never be to uh, careful."
The young stranger spat on the dirt floor, rubbing it in with his worn boot. His spurs clinked from the assured movement.
"I'll tell you something, Mister" came the deep voice, with a hint of a Mexican accent, as he stuffed his purchase of Teddy Grahams and fresh passe into his leather saddlebag.
"Do you see the size of 'dis hat, right now, as you see it, today?
"Why, yes, yes!" The store owner laughed deeply and smiled appeasingly. Oh, let this man leave my establishment, please, let him leave...
The small man squinted and looked into the large man's popped eyes.
"It used to be" he continued
"a three foot sombrero."

~Taken from The Mexican Bacquero, page 354


Jeri Beth said...

Oh,...Adeline, for a moment I thought you had written that!
Darling pictures! I loved the ones of A&K's munchkins too in the other post.
Hope y'all are well! We're doing just great, and are so thankful for the season of life we are in.
Blessings, ~Jeri Beth

Smith Familia said...

We have the CUTEST nephews ever!!
I can't wait to come down and see the house for me self ;)
Love y'all!