Monday, March 14, 2011

That Saturday was Edwin's 10 birthday-We love you, buddy!! (we celebrated his day Monday) Balance
Back at the house, Kressy, with a few girls, gets lunch ready.
Grooveshark is amazing... "Listen to this new song I found! You'll love it!"Lunch Time
Stories in the kitchen...Coming along...
"See this!? See?" Beautiful boy...
"Thith, is a meathuring tape."
LOL-he is so much fun!
TJ shows Joey how it's done! Little boyhood
On his front steps...
Cleveland and Mr. Joel cut...
The very essence of warm weather luxuries!
Bella Boo!! I just love this little girl...
K. Man and Favorite.
Can he get any cuter?
Kressy got lots of THE most wonderful chocolate ever for all her girl helpers that day-she is so thoughtful.
It was really enjoyed. :)
We had to keep Daisy and Kenny from devouring it all, right at the first.
Unruly urchins. ;)That afternoon Kressy made everybody strawberry slushies. They were so cool and refreshing! And completely beautiful...
My daddy, whom I love...
Willliam chows down on the ice...
"Uhfm-you really should try thith. Excellwent. And Healthfuy, too."
LOL, it was too cute-Joey climbed up that little window and, hollered triumphantly out to me

"Thee, Aunt Poog!!! I'm waaay up here!!"

It's amazing how small things seem to get the older you become...he just felt like he was on top of the world up there!
K-a very precious friend...
Ron's seal of approval.
The Master of the House

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Orenczaks said...

That looks exciting. I love that the little guys get to see it all happen first hand. I look forward to seeing all of you.