Thursday, March 10, 2011

Smith Children 2011

I now present to thee, darling reader, a few pictures of some of the cutest children in the whole world, Alan and Katie Smith's beloved progeny, Bret III, 4, Ronald, 3, Esther, almost 2, and Wallace, just now 8 months-what joy they bring to all their family! I had a blast taking pictures of them.
What a blessed Aunt I am-I woves dems!
Bret Alan III
Ronald Michael

Catherine Esther

Esther and Wallace Johnson
And wee Wallace! He's waving. :) (I'm sure. And don't you just love his hat!?)This one makes me laugh out loud.
The Four Little Smifies!
Ah, may God bless each of these little children...
As arrows are in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth-how blessed is the man who has his quiver full of them~Praise the Lord!

Sleep well, dear reader! Hope you enjoyed these as much as I have. (Are they not scrumptious!? :) )

Ta~ta and Toodles! (as dear Grace would say)


Aunt Adeline

P.S. It turned cold here again! It's supposed to frost tonight.


Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous children!!! These pictures are making me excited to have my own someday :) ( God Willing ). So cute!

In Christ,


davis' said...

Oh, Adeline
They are the most precious little punkins!! I love each of them so much. Daddy said that sweet Katie brought them up to the office yesterday to see Alan, and Daddy got to enjoy seeing them. Your photography is wonderful and the subjects are too cute for words. Love you and Martha. I am so looking forward to seeing you all Sunday, Lord willing.


The Campana Family said...

Oh, soo cute!
Wallace's hat is adorable!
Love ya'll!
Alyssa and Mariah

Turtleheart said...

Oh, what cuties! Especially the littlest stylish in his hat and sky blue sweater :)

The Southern Homemaker said...

Precious!!! Are y'all coming to the Father-Daughter Retreat next weekend? Sure would love to see you!

Katie Frost