Monday, March 14, 2011

A view from Kressy's apartment deck..."Mom! Help! Too much fur!"
Michael putting down the floor joists... The goats that are in the field they're building in...
"Bound with me. Bound! And of course, leap."
"Hey! Aunt Poogie!! Pull me up with my rope!"
An amazing brother and carpenter!
An S of Screws
Ta~da!! The awesome kitchen window!! Thanks Kressy for the tour-it is going to be incredible!
It is so neat to try and envision what it will look like with walls, counters, curtains, little children running around, music playing, the smell of Kressy's cooking...a home is such a wonderful, wonderful thing.
(Gracious!! Rach, you look just like Bethy in this picture! Two gorgeous girlies! LOL, I love all of our enchanting winter fashions. My oversized coat and thick socks are also worth mentioning, as you cannot see them in the picture.)
Jonathan in the sand...
Cleveland and Wallace-so 'tweet!!
I love these two...
And this picture makes me smile and sigh very happily... Weeping CowboyThe Mister and Missus' of 'ze house!
The smell of lumber and sawdust, I love. It reminds me of Morton men.
After Michael built all this, he scheduled a house raising day, and men from our Church all came over and they worked together to put up the trusses and roof. Kressy cooked for the masses and stuffed all her workers with snacks and drinks and other tasties all day. :) She and Mike are wonderful!

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Turtleheart said...

Is that...a Milo and Otis reference I spy? "Bound and leap like a zephyr set free!"

But, what an exciting time! And the pictures are lovely~