Monday, March 7, 2011

Just a scribble... say 'ello!
How are you?

We've been doing GREAT, just ginormously busy. :)

I have so much of precious life to post about, to write down...ah-how can a grandbaby be so cute? Or a peach blossom so incredibly prefect? And then, some things can't be captured in a picture, like the feeling that you get when a sister comes home for a visit, and you're all so happy to be together you all start crying...or the sound of an Uncle's laughter that you have missed so much that when you hear it again, you know if you can hear his laugh, that means everybody elses laugh is in their hearts, too, or spilling out to join his, and you can hardly wait to see all your family again...

The intense red of a ladybug on a bright green leaf, or a wide open blue sky with huge clouds piled up on one another like scoops of whipped cream....ah, so many wonderful things!!

But-anyway, I was thinking of all of y'all and wanted to hop on here and say hey before I scoot off to bed. Hopefully I'll shall see thee on the morrow!

Have a beautiful evening, Kind Reader...

Much love to thee!

Adeline Grace


Cochran Family said...

Greetings Adeline!

Thank you for helping to capture the beauty that is all around us - there is so much we can take for granted if we aren't careful.

Life is going pretty well in Oklahoma. Blessings to our dear friends in Georgia!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I have missed your posts! Glad to hear everyone is well and thriving!

Kels said...

I love peach blossoms! Where we live now, there is a large peach tree, and I was so very excited to see the blossoms popping out. They have all fallen off and little peaches are growing in its place. :)
Have a wonderful day Adeline!! xxxx~Kelsey W.