Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jonathan DeWet

My dear friends,

Good evening. I hope you have enjoyed this incredibly beautiful spring day! We serve such an amazing Creator!!

Oh, I just had to share these with you-Michael and Kressant's youngest son is just now learning to talk and is absolutely adorable, handsome, charming, and has his Auntie (and all other females) utterly smitten. The other day I was over visiting Kress, and simply had to have a photo shoot of the little man. I love you, Jon Jon!!

Enjoy! Pick out your favorite and tell me about it. Mine are numbers 1,3 and 6...
#3 (*triumphant cackle* "I just saved thousands on my Trike insurance!!")
#8 #9 Little boy boots...

And then I looked over and here came Critter from outside (beautiful child!) with his brand new pow-pow!! I adore his smile...
And this makes me laugh...I love our Fluffy Carlo!
I just loves hims and hims boo-da-fill eyes...

I do think I have the cutest nephews in the world. Oh-my-goodness.

May God richly bless you three little boys. May you come to be Christ's at an early age, and serve Him with fervor all of your lives...I love you always!! Huggies, Aunt Poog


Anonymous said...

So adorable!!!.. Can I choose all of them? I can't pick any favorites... they all warm my heart! I can't wait to be a mother! (God willing). Thanks for posting these super cute photos. They made my night!

In Christ,

Whiddon Family said...

Oh love the pictures Addie! My goodness, those little fellas are the most ADORABLE little things... how do you stand it?!? Haaha, thanks for posting. :-D

davis' said...

#4,7 and 16 are my favorites. But they are all adorable. Oh, he is so precious. Oh, I am thinking back to his birth, it seems like just a few weeks ago. What a blessing children are. God is so good.
Love ya'll bunches. See ya'll tomorrow.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love #14 - those eyes!

Soon they will have a baby sister!

Davis Family said...

Oh, they're all so cute! I like number six too:)
We miss y'all!!!!