Thursday, April 21, 2011

The 2011 Style Show and Father/Son Camp-Out

Thanks so much for inquiring about the 2011 Style Show and the Father/Son Camp-Out planned for June 10-12. We have had a grand time planning and preparing for the weekend. It is all so exciting, we can hardly wait for June!!

It is shaping up to be a rich weekend of fellowship, learning and stretching forward to grow in Christ.

Let's go over some details:
Friday evening, the wives and daughters will gather in the house , get settled into their rooms and enjoy fellowship and coffee punch while everyone arrives.

The fathers and sons will make their way to the Back Forty, where they will set up their shelters, string their gear lines and gather fire wood. (I bet there will be chips and salsa for them to enjoy! )

Supper time will find the fellows enjoying a fire side meal and the ladies in the house enjoying their repast. Meals and accommodations will continue in this separate manner all weekend. It is a sacrifice for everyone , but this will allow the fathers this special time with their sons and mothers a special weekend with their daughters. We will all be together Sunday morning at church and will enjoy lunch together afterward.


Each lady and her daughter(s) will be assigned to a 'meal team' to do one meal. There will be a team leader who will facilitate the menu, assign tasks and see that the load and cost is distributed evenly. The fathers and sons will be similarly arranged.

The parameters for the meals are as follows -

Gentlemen, please plan menus that can be prepared over an open fire and consider that you will need to store refrigerated things in coolers. There will be Chipewa kitchens (not to be confused with Coleman stoves!) and 55 gallon drums of water, but after that you are on your own! I think the guys are going to use 'real' dishes and will enjoy the fellowship of clean-up.
Ladies, please plan menus that can be prepared ahead of time. We don't want any of you to miss sessions. There will be time to set up the meal and do a little bit of prep, but not involved cooking. Think peach soup, wraps, crispy salads, chocolate and crock-pots. We plan to use *gasp* paper products, so the clean-up will be quick. You can bring your own water glass if you like.

ladies - luxurious (comparatively) and inside
gentlemen - rough(comparatively) and outside

We are doing a new thing with this retreat - charging a registration fee.....$25 per head of household. (We are going to splurge on some porta potties for the guys and pay for all those paper plates!)
You can send a check or money order made out to Christ Berean Church to

Tucker, Plymel and Davis
PO Box 2467
Moultrie , Ga 31776

If we do not have your email address, please get it to us, so we can get to you!

Deadline is May 31, so we will have time to make out the meal assignments, email them to you by Friday and each 'meal team' can get their meal together. Then it will be time to pack your bags and gear and find your way down our drive to the farm for all the fun!

We can't wait to see you!! Please pray for us as we prepare and we are praying for you as you prepare.

{Here is the original post, announcing the Style Show and Father/Son Camp-Out}

Ladies, friends of Calathora and other interested folks, we are excited and pleased to announce

A Style Show for Wives and Daughters

To enable their wives and daughters to be able to give their full attention to the Style Show, the plan was for the gentlemen to spend the weekend with their sons - all ages.

One of the elders in our church tossed out the idea of the guys getting together and having a Father/Son Camp-Out with Fire-side Talks while the ladies have their Style Show. We all thought that sounded great, so, with these two events coinciding, we have adjusted the date to June 10-11.

Please join us for a wonderful weekend, June 10 and 11.

A Style Show for Wives and Daughters at Calathora Farms


A Father/Son Camp-Out with Fire-side Talks
at a near-by location
The men are gearing up for some primitive camping - no RVs this time..... sorry guys. Grab your tent, bedroll and boys and come roast a hot dog, share a s'more, wolf down a banana and have some trail mix - we can already hear the bacon sizzling over the camp fire.

The men at Christ Berean Church invite you to join them at a near-by park for a great guy-time. The earnest conversation and sharing around the camp fire and investing time on Saturday with your boys will make the day priceless.

Marc and Michael and some other men have some particular talks they want to share. We all know that families and folks we love are under tremendous pressure and the men of Christ Berean Church want to speak up and give a helping hand to Dads .

We plan to re-unite the families at Calathora Farms on Sunday morning, for church services.

We invite you to come, stay and attend church Sunday morning at Calathora Farms and join us for lunch.

and as for the Style Show....................
We ladies are laughing out loud with excitement at the thought of a weekend filled with old friends and new, chocolate & coffee, style & fun, almost zero sleep and real, earnest comments and guidance on how to communicate through our personal presentation the wonderful things that Jesus Christ has done and is doing - and is going to do - in our lives.

What is a Style show?
This style show will be a weekend of high energy, non-stop, extraordinary times of key note talks, hands-on practicums, individualized attention, fellowship and - lots of chocolate!! We will go over many topics, including

* Style vs. fashion
* Are there spiritual implications to clothing?
*Did you know clothes talk?
*Do the Scriptures have anything to say about style?
* Who ya' dressing for?
* Hair, hair. What do I do with my hair?

We will discuss how we, as Christian women seeking to be distinctively and deliberately feminine, can share the good news of life in Christ by how we dress, walk and carry ourselves.

There will be guest speakers sharing on make-up, color, accessories, figuring out your figure, posture and decorum, how your outlook and attitude affect your face and what to do about it, and sessions and practical ideas to help you say the same thing with your clothing that you say in your heart and with your mouth.

The purpose of the Style Show: To edify, exhort, comfort, challenge and educate the ladies who attend - and to have a wonderful time!

Will there be chocolate and coffee? Why, yes, of course. :)

Will there be organic veggies? That , too. We are organic farmers, after all.

How to Register
We will let you know asap how we are going to handle that very important detail. Reserve your space by emailing us at

The wives and daughters will be in the houses at Calathora Farms. The fathers and sons will be on the Back Forty at Calathora.

The ladies here at Calathora are so excited about this weekend together. We've been planning and studying, tossing out ideas and comparing notes. We hope to see you and your daughters on the 10 and 11!

The men of Christ Berean Church invite all the men and boys to the camp-out. Come on out and be encouraged and spend some time with your sons.

Make plans to join us June 10-11 for the Style Show and Father-Son Campfire Talks. Stay tuned for more details.


Brittany said...

We can't wait!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh wow! That sounds like so much fun!! I wish I lived closer :(

Cochran Family said...

This sounds delightful and great information too! :). I wish we lived closer!!

Are you going to by any chance record any of the sessions- or maybe post some tips on this blog? That would be great!!

God bless you!


P.S. How is Kressant doing?!! We've been praying!!

Briana said...

It sounds like an amazing time. I wish I didn't live in a completely different country. I would love to be there.
I agree with Savannah! Will you be posting some main topics and lots of pictures on you blog? I would love, love that!
Thank you!

Mortonclan said...

Dear Briana: We certainly will post pictures and as much of the conference as we can. Thanks for writing!

Davis Family said...

Manda and I are trying to figure out how I can come:D I'd love to see y'all!!! I've really, really missed y'all:)
Isa is beautiful!:D

Anonymous said...

As someone who also lives far away, I'm looking forward to the pictures and stories from the weekend too. It sounds like a wonderful time!

Lisa in North Dakota