Friday, April 15, 2011

The Baby!!!!!

Good monring, dearest readers!! Kressy's in labor!! We are SO excited...everything's going lovely, and contractions are two minutes apart- B. and K. are here, the dears, and Mama is sitting in the rocker, writing...Michael Jr. is keeping time, and I'm writing! :D It is a gorgeous morning-absolutely stunning...The Mysterious Islands is playing on the lap top (Kressy's loving having a movie going to watch between contractions) and Marth just hopped over...all M&K's boys are over at Aunt Rachies, and the Smithies are packing to come down!! I can hardly wait to hold this precious little one! Praise the Lord. Please lift Kress, Mike and the baby up to the Lord in your prayers. Hopefully I'll talk to you in a minute- Till then, dahlings!! ~Aunt Adeline

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