Sunday, April 3, 2011

After we got our picture taken, we got to enjoy the whole afternoon with Daddy, asking him questions and sharing our hearts....I have THE most awesome father in the whole world...
We went with the Davis' to the amazing butterfly center. On the way there, there was a tornado two miles away, and we got caught in the hail-it was the biggest we had ever seen, and there was tons of it!! We're so grateful to the Lord for protecting everyone there. And it didn't seem to damage any cars, so that was nice.
Watching butterflies hatch.

I could not help but think of GrandMama, looking at all those butterflies...I wonder if she and GrandDaddy ever came here...she would have loved it! I miss her so much...

They kept landing on my shoe. Weird.

Felt a little silly, 'cause a little crowd of passerby-ers gathered around my foot and started taking pictures of the several that had landed there. Glad my toes were painted...
"What the worl' is this thang movin' 'round fer!?" ;)
It is so dreamy in there, with butterflies alighting on everything....
I love this picture...sister, father and a bright blue butterfly.
"I thought we liked stripes this year."
After a while, at the gift shop, the prices one reads start to wear on the mind and body...
Beautiful paintings!
The dear Davis girls and their Daddy!
Amanda and her little sisters...
Marth and I with our beloved father!
Another shot....
some of the dearest girls in the world to me....
The Twinlings
I love you, Marth! (and we missed you, Darth...)
Heading over to the vegetable garden, loot and Twins in tow.
After it hailed, a beautiful mist rose up off the ground, and the air was strongly fragrant with the smell of flowers and pine...everything was wet and refreshed, and the bark on the trees dark and nurtured. The Gardens are breathtaking after a storm.
Moi, apparently bossing some poor soul around.
The rosemary bushes were ginormous.
Marth and me in front of one of them.
Two great men.
Grass, still covered in rain drops.

Martha and I-Everything was so perfect for pictures, so we took a ton... Aren't the tulips gorgeous!?
Garden picture #2Loveliness
And #3...
#4 Self Portriat (i.e., The Surest Way to get an enchanting angle of the chin)

Tulip facing upward...
Martha looks like an elegant and proper governess here. :)
Elizabeth and Joanna....
....with Favorite

Peachy Rose
Such a precious and godly friend...
I love watching my sisters laugh!Elizabeth and Joanna, with Next-To-Favorite. (I'm okay with that now... ;)
Adeline Grace! (that's moi)
And here I am again, posing beside this incredible tree!!! It was amazing. The blooms looked exactly like hydrangea blossoms, only in a tree form.
My father and my father's friend. We are blessed.
And...the most incredible, exciting thing of the whole weekend-sweet Lindsay's engagement to Mr. Brantley Disharoon!! We are so thrilled for them both, and praise the Lord for this beautiful couple He has brought together. He proposed Saturday night, and all of us retreat attendees got the joy of seeing them together with a lovely ring on her finger...May God richly bless this precious (and adorable) young lady and gentleman. Hooray!!

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Anonymous said...

What a blessed and incredible weekend for all you young ladies.I loved the big flowers on your pretty dresses.
I saw Brantley last week at the premiere of his film "Jimmy Valient." His parents live really close to us. I hope he and Lindsay will be blessed with a long and happy life together.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I love your dresses! Such lovely girls, well, young women!

The photos are lovely too! What a beautiful location.

Rora Valley said...

Y'all girls look pretty and elegant! WE had fun with y'all last weekend! Much Love, Grace :)

Mariah Campana said...

What beautiful pictures!
I am so happy for ya'll. looks like you had fun.
Oh and your dresses are stunning!!!
Love the black and white.
Miss and Love ya'll

The Hagen Family said...

Gorgeous pictures (and people)! I am so glad y'all were able to go.
All of y'all look stunning! (Martha looks just like Dorothy in that one picture where she is smelling the rosemary.)
Love you

Whiddon Family said...

Oh wasn't that the best Father Daughter Retreat ever? It was SO good visiting with you girls, y'all are so much fun. It is funny how we get to talk alot more when we're at conferences. ;-D
Wasn't it neat meeting the family from Washington? They were so much fun!
I think YOU did the best job posting on the retreat, I love all your pictures, and captions. You do a magnificant job. I wish we were more faithful at picture-taking. :-D Y'all's dresses were so gorgeous at the tea... as always.
Hope to see y'all soon!
Much love,

Orenczaks said...

Adeline, you and your sisters are so beautiful! I love your dresses and the tree with the big flowers and you under it. My husband and daughters really wanted to go. It just wasn't working out this year but it looks like it was a great time. God Bless you and your family. Love ya, Heather