Sunday, April 3, 2011

On Sunday, after Church meeting, we enjoyed the dear F. family's wonderful hospitality for lunch and an afternoon of was wonderful, and we were so blessed by it all.

Above is a wonderful young lady with her adorable little brother-I so enjoyed visiting with her and holding the little Munchie! (Isn't his hair fabulous?)Dear MalloryW. girlies, we had too much fun with y'all. :D Can hardly wait to see you again! (hopefully that will be very, very soon, Kressant hopes. ;D

Martha Doll outside visiting with some other wonderful young woman...
Hannah F.-what an incredible girl. She and some others served all of us lunch (and had piles of cookies ready for dessert) and made sure everyone had everything they was comfortable, southern hospitality at it's best.
Martha with some of the precious young woman we met/got to see again. :)
Outside looking in
Daddy really enjoyed talking with Mr. R. (Come to find out, this man actually hunts with Daddy's nephew in Tenn.! Small world...)
Hannah and Laney taking a walk...
I just love all the girls expressions here... :) It's worth blowing up for cuteness!

We had a great trip home, stopping by Subway and grabbing a luscious sandwich, and then it was to home to Mama and the boys! We missed them allot, but we had had a wonderful time and had so much to talk about. Thank You, Lord, for my father and family... Well, good evening to you all, dear readerlings, and hope you have a fantastic day!! Adieu! ~Adeline

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Anna Naomi said...

It's fun to see your pictures! Looks like a lovely trip.

I was surprised by the top picture in this post... That sweet young lady takes ballet from me! :) And, I know the F. family as well a bit; they're good friends of some of my good friends. It's a small world. :)