Friday, April 15, 2011

Update on Kressy Belle and Baby

Hello, mon cheris!

Well, labor had slowed to an (almost) stop...Kressy's walking around outside getting some fresh air and exercise (after having taken a nap) and we'll over at our house just chillin', doing normal stuff 'till she calls us...the dear K.'s came, and we are enjoying them so much! Katie dearest made the whole farm a huge pot of spaghetti for supper...she is soo sweet!

Some of the Smithies are on their way!!! I can hardly wait to see them...we miss them so much! We really miss Dorothy, too. Allot.

Almond milk is our new thing! Vanilla. We're having some in celebration. :) Please pray that this precious baby will some soon. Kress is so ready to have her!

Lots of love,


What everything feels like at our home right now:

Weather: Cloudy, with a delicious breeze, hazy with smoke...

Smelling: The wonderful smell of a fire.. (someone must be burning off)

Hearing:"Lead Me"
That's our new song, and it is beautiful. It almost makes you cry... The faint sound of little boys voices. I love that sound.

Seeing: This dear, well used 'puter. (it need to be dusted and cleaned)

Feeling: That feeling of waiting. So excited you want to dance. Missing Dorothy. And (although I saw them on Sunday) really missing my church family this afternoon...I love them all so much. Feeling so grateful for children, for family. Head ache-ish because I've had too much sugar and not enough water. :) So grateful for our sister & daughter in law, Kressant. Can hardly wait to hold that baby!!! Mostly the knowledge that we just need our Jesus everyday, and how utterly thankful we are that we are His, and that He is ours...


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I pray Kressy has the baby soon!!

Almond milk! :) My family has been making that too!

Shiloh for the Family

Davis Family said...

We're praying for Kress!!! Hope she has the baby soon:)

I know how waiting for a baby to arrive is. It is really hard:)

Hmmm...almond milk sounds good, I've never had it before.

Miss y'all,
Alex-for the fam

Anonymous said...

Vanilla Almond Milk...Thats our thing As well.:)
We Love that song "Lead me"!
The Words are amazing!

Miss and Love ya'll.

Cochran Family said...

We're praying for you, Kressant!!! (and everyone :)

Can't wait to see pictures!!! Keep us posted Adeline!!! I know you will-you always do great! :)

That milk sounds delicious.

With Love, hugs, and prayers,

Savannah (for all the Cochran's)