Monday, November 9, 2009

Ah, so then, after touring Philly, we drove on up to the Thomas'! Such a sweet, hospitable family! Thanks so much for everything, y'all. We sure were blessed by your family!

Oh, and up there is Dee and Melanie making these tasty little wrap things. Perfect for pack lunches-We'll have to try them sometime. It's like a, a controlled sandwich. Brilliant.
The Thomas blessed us with a weekend of amazing, true, and God glorifying tours around New England.
Eating wraps at a beach in New Port...(Notice the WonderSub in the distance, the one with the car topper? That was our mode of transportation up the coast. Never before seen pictures of that in a minute. Jaw dropping.)
Mama darling and Edwin...
Oui, mon cher ?
Michael of The Grand Adventure
The sea gulls were beautiful, and would get very close.
John Man
Another gull picture...

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thomasmama said...

We LOVED our time with you all! It was such and uplifting time of fellowship and great fun. ANY time you need a historical (hysterical?) history tour we'd love to have you. Thank you for being such a blessing to us. :o)