Thursday, November 12, 2009

Roberts, Tea and Tooties, and Critter

Last night the Roberts came over! We had such a jolly time-the girlies and a few of the boys came early and helped us kids with our chores, :) and the rest of the family came later and we had pizza and watched UP! Good times!
Forgot about pictures, but here's one... :)
And now I give you a glimpse of one of the cutest kids in the whole world!! 'Ze Critter!!! He loves eye wear, LOL.
And here's us three girls late last night eating cookie dough, drinking hot tea and talking around the kitchen island...I love those times...

Today Mumsie and Par-par are up in North Georgia picking up mass quantities of chicken feed. Looking forward to seeing them in a bit...we kiddos are going around getting everything ready for this weekend, listening to Ron Hardiman, eating icecream, and just having a ball!!

To everybody we'll see this weekend, can't wait to see you then!! To all else, hello and have a blessed weekend!

Ta ta!!



Bb Vawser said...

Look at how cute Kressie is! Preggo ladies are soo pretty!
Missing y'all!!!!

Anna P. said...

Hey Y'all!
I will have to say...I like cookie dough better than cookies! :) I will miss y'all this weekend but we hope to see y'all at the ball!

The Real Me! said...

We Wilsons are going to make it up there one of these days!!!