Friday, November 27, 2009

Later that afternoon, a few of the ladies coordinated a beautiful baby-shower-in-a-box for Katie and little Esther! It was such a lovely idea for an out-of-town guest of honor, and they made everything so special!! Isn't the box gorgeous?
All the gifts were so lovely and thoughtful!
Love that expression!!
Three generations...
"Can I try it on now, Mom?"
Esther got pretty excited about it all, LOL.
Katie really enjoyed all the sweet notes...I know they will mean so much to Esther and will bless her heart, as she grows older. Praise the Lord for the wonderful examples that Esther and I, and all the other young ladies, have in our dear mothers and sisters.
She fell right asleep in Angela's arms after her party...awww.
Ah. The leaving Sunday afternoon is always such a sad parting...the house feels so-empty, and, and quiet, and there is a serious lack of persons. Ah, how we miss everybody when they leave. It's always so lovely when someone stays Sunday night or Monday!! Helps to ease out the departure missings a little. :DNow this a beautiful girl!! I'm not partial or anything...seriously. Willie, Yuch and Rosie
Bethy and Alan-such dear siblings!

The R.s stayed for supper and we enjoyed the W.s and Smithie's company on Monday! Such dear families...Everybody crowding around looking at the weekend's pictures...The onlookers from this side...
Yuch and Moddox getting a higher vantage point. :)
We had a delightful music time that evening, too...LOL, they look almost like twins.Daddy builds such splendid fires. :) Such coziness...Singing...LOL! Blow this one up, y'all. Love evebody's expressions...must have been quite a picture.A view from the stairs of the festivities...Watching one of Willie's videos-it was hilarious!

Oh-a few more weekend pictures on the next page..."Proceed."

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Mrs.Rabe said...

That sweet Esther! Too bad she doesn't look anything like her brothers! lol!

I really like your fireplace, and the beautiful rooms of your home - big, open, welcoming! Delightful!