Saturday, November 21, 2009

Up high, my boy!
Darling Tom
"He was dashed to the earth!"
My sweet sister!

Well, goodnight, dears-sleepwell!


Bb Vawser said...

Adeline you are such an amazing photographer!!!! I just love to look at all your pictures. I love the one of your little brother in front of the hay bales...." ripped jeans and such"...its just so and Georgia....a site you don't see here often unless it it myself in bare feet and a jean skirt. lol.
I miss you all and love y'all tons! Kiss all the little babies for me!!! Love me,

Breenie said...

What a bunch of beautiful photos...looks like you had alot of fun..
Miss 'Yall
HOpe your all well
Can you post some pics of the retreat please?

Mortonclan said...

Bb!! Miss you too, hon. Hope y'all are all well! All the babies send their smiles and hugs, ;D and the fam their jolly "hellos"!

God bless you!


Hey, Sabrina! Hope y'all are doing good. Hope to post more pictures soon. God bless!

Love, Adeline